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Skilled Nursing Facility

Parkview Medical Center's Skilled Nursing Facility is a licensed extended care facility commonly referred to as a nursing home and is located in the North Annex on the 3rd Floor. We offer short term care for individuals who need treatments or rehabilitation services that can only be performed by trained and licensed professionals. The patients that are referred to us may also suffer from serious or persistent health issues that are too complicated to be tended to at home or at an assisted living facility. Our program is inspected and regulated by the State Department of Health Services.

Contact Information

Administrative Office: 719.584.4790

Referral Line: 719.595.7426

Referral Fax: 719.595.7426

Referral Pager: 719.222.3703

Admission Criteria

  • Medical stability
  • Requires 72 hour hospitalization prior to admission (not including the discharge day, observation days or psychiatric days)
  • Admission to the Skilled Nursing Facility within 30 days of hospital discharge
  • Appropriate psychological and behavioral status to participate in the program
  • The services required are related to the condition that the patient was treated for in the hospital and are medically necessary
  • Skilled Nursing services or Rehabilitation services are needed daily
  • Required care is not custodial care or Long Term care

Services Provided

Medical Director- Dr. Kinnett is a physiatrist who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Skilled Nursing- Nurses who are trained to meet the skilled needs of patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Wound Care Nursing- Nurses who are specially trained in wound and ostomy care.
Physical Therapy- Therapists trained to optimize the patient’s movement, flexibility and muscle control, improve balance, builds strength and endurance to help the patient with mobility.
Occupational Therapy- Therapists trained to help patients with gaining their independence with daily activities such as grooming, dressing, cooking and many other activities through customized exercises.
Speech Therapy- Therapists trained to help with communication skills, cognitive skills and swallowing disorders.
Recreation Therapy- Therapists trained to help patients with socialization, perceptual and cognitive hobbies and community reintegration.
Respiratory Therapy- Therapists trained to help patients with airway and breathing problems.
Registered Dietician- Nutritionist who evaluates and advises on nutrition needs based on the patient’s medical needs, eating abilities and food preference.
Social Work/Discharge Planner- Helps the patient and family with needs of patient when it is time to go home. (homecare, oxygen and medical equipment)
Case Management- Consults with patient and family and does clinical assessment on patient for admission as well as insurance coordination.
Training Kitchen- Available for patients to practice in a home-like environment to ensure they are able to complete meal preparation (if needed) when they return home.
Team Conference- Weekly conference with all team members to discuss each patient’s plan of care and progress.
Family Conference- Conference with the team members, patient and family to discuss the plan of care, patient progress and discharge plans.

Laura Mondragon

Laura Mondragon

Director of Skilled Nursing

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