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Special Care Nursery

One in every 10 babies born will require some kind of assistance after birth. If this is your baby, the team in our 6 bed Special Care Nursery at Parkview Medical Center is the most experienced in Southern Colorado. Parkview’s level IIB, Special Care Nursery is staffed with seven board certified neonatologists who are highly trained physicians specialized to care for premature and sick newborns. Neonatal Nurse Practitioners are specialized advanced practice nurses who have had additional training to specialize in the care of premature and sick newborns. This allows for the best possible care for your baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a team, they care for premature infants and sick newborns who may need treatment for infection, breathing on a respirator, oxygen by mask or specialized feeding methods. 

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Parkview’s special care nurses have over 180 years combined experience. Expecting parents have come to trust the expertise of our Birth Center’s highly skilled nurses, physicians, and if need be, the highly trained neonatologists and nurse practitioners. Our special care nursery has been dedicated to keeping Pueblo families close to home since opening in 2006.

Following you will find helpful information about Parkview’s Special Care Nursery:

  • Partnered with Pediatrix Medical Group, one of the nation’s largest providers of newborn care, allowing access to the largest database in the world. This allows the neonatology team at Parkview the ability to make the best and most fully informed decisions with the latest treatment recommendations.
  • Parkview was the first facility in Pueblo to provide this level of care.
  • We are able to care for infants born with complications such as infections, birth defects, feeding difficulties, and premature up to 2 months early.
  • Our team attends high-risk deliveries for babies who may require extra attention after birth.
  • We have established relationships with several pediatric specialists in Colorado Springs and Denver if your child should need further specialized care or surgery.
  • 7 Neonatologist and 3 Neonatal Nurse Practitioners with 100 years of combined experience dedicated to the highest quality safest care.

If you are expecting an early delivery or a baby who may require special medical services, we are happy to talk to you and answer any questions before you deliver. Parkview is proud to partner with Neonatologists and NNPs of Pediatrix Medical Group, the largest provider of neonatal care in the country.

Patrice Pate

Patrice Pate, Director

Director of Women's Services and Kidsville

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