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Corporate Golf Challenge

Save the date for Friday, May 19th for the 2017 Corporate Golf Challenge.

We appreciate all of the golfers who supported our annual Parkview Foundation Corporate Golf Challenge at the Pueblo Country Club last year. All funds helped raise money for the scholarship program.

Each year Parkview Foundation awards over $45,000 in scholarships to employees and students in the community.

The inaugural tournament was held in 1989 has become one of the most popular tournaments in Pueblo. All teams that participate in the tournament must be sponsored by a corporation or business. Each team consists of five players with no handicap required. The scramble format gets underway at 8:30am with a shotgun start.

An awards luncheon immediately follows the tournament with an abundance of food and prizes. Hole-in-one and golf-skills contests encourage competitiveness and fun for the golfers. Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 28th annual tournament.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Baby Gallery
  • Baby Gallery
  • Baby Gallery
  • Baby Gallery
  • Baby Gallery
  • Baby Gallery

2017 VIP Event Details

Golf VIP invite 2017

Thursday, May 18th

Parkview Foundation is proud to host the Corporate Golf Challenge VIP event for Platinum Teams and major sponsors on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at the Pueblo Country Club from 4pm to 9pm.

The VIP event will feature:

  • Team Registration and golf club storage
  • Biggest Break Contest
  • Lucky Links Silent Auction
  • Longest Putt Contest
  • Chip 4 Cash
  • VIP Dinner
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Platinum Team Gifts

VIP Contests

Biggest Break

Thursday night's Biggest Break contest will begin at 4:20 with a tee time every 5 minutes with the last tee time at 7:05 The format will be that each team member will play a shot from 150 yards on hole three at Pueblo Country Club. The Team will earn points for each player that hits the shot onto the green. Points will be awarded on a scale of 1-3-5-10 increasing in total with shots coming to rest closer to the hole location. The team with the highest combined score will win the Biggest Break team event. The five individuals (non-professionals) with the five closest shots to the pin will be awarded prizes for the individual competition. If a team member is golf professional, they are allowed to play in the team event and have their score count towards the team total, but they cannot compete for the individual prize. Only the team members playing on Friday are allowed to participate on Thursday night. Teams are not allowed to substitute a player for Thursday night, but a team can participate with fewer than five players.

Longest Putt Contest

Don's Landscaping & Lawn Service is sponsoring a longest putt contest on Thursday night that is open to all players and guests. The contest will be held on the practice putting green at Pueblo Country Club and the individual that wins this event will be awarded $300 in cash. The cost to participate is $10 for five putts.

Chip 4 Cash

Pepsi Bottling Group is sponsoring a chipping challenge contest on hole #2. The chipping contest is also open to all players and guests. All players that successfully hole a chip shot in the contest will be awarded a portion of the prize for this event. The prize fund is $1,500 and will be split equally between all individuals that hole a chip. The cost to participate is $10 for five chip shots.

2017 Tournament Details

28th Annual Parkview Foundation Corporate Golf Challenge

The 28th Annual Corporate Tournament will "Tee Off" on Friday, May 19 at the Pueblo Country Club Golf Course. The tourney kicks off with a fabulous hot breakfast served in the Pioneer Room from 7am to 8:15am. The tournament will begin with a shotgun start at 8:30am.

Parkview Foundation Golf Challenge 2016 Rules

The following is a list of rules for you to review. Drink tickets are good only on the golf course.

  1. The format for Friday will be a 5 Player Scramble. Play will begin on Friday with an 8:30 a.m. shotgun start.This year the tournament will be played as a 5-4 scramble for all 18 holes. What that means is that all 5 players will tee off on each hole. If the team selects your drive, you do not hit the second shot, only the other 4 team members play the second shot. If your shot is the second shot selected, you sit out the third shot and the other four team members play the third shot. This continues until the hole is completed. Basically after the tee shot, only 4 players will play each of the remaining shots until the hole is completed.
  2. In the event of a tie on Friday, a scorecard playoff will be used to determine flight winners. The head Golf Professional at Pueblo Country Club will determine the scorecard playoff procedure to be used.
  3. All male players will play from the blue tees and all female players will play from the red tees.
  4. All players must play from the same condition as the selected shot. Example: hazard, bunker, rough, fairway, fringe of the green, etc… players can play from within one club length of the selected shot, no nearer the hole.
  5. On the putting green, team members will play from the location selected shot.
  6. When your team has finished their round, turn in the scorecard immediately to the Golf Shop.

Golf Tournament Contests

Vista’s at Walking Stick is sponsoring Pueblo Traditions Gambling Hole on hole #17. This contest will be similar to the Biggest Break format on Thursday night. For any team that enters the contest, all five team members shot will be counted to determine the team total. There will be two circles on the green. A shot that finished inside the closest circle will be awarded 5 points, the middle circle 3 points and any ball that finishes on the green but outside of the circles will be 1 point. A shot that misses the green will be zero points, however a shot that finishes off the green and in either of the two greenside bunkers on hole 17 will count as -2. The team with the highest total will win the contest.
J. Siegel, inc Concrete is sponsoring the following Hole Contests.
  • Closest to the pin on Hole #6
  • Closest to the pin on Hole #13
  • Longest Putt on Hole #12
  • Longest Driver on Hole #14

Spradley Auto Network Hole in One Prize.

If a player makes a hole in one on the other Par 3 holes, the player will win the prize for that hole, sponsored by Spradley Auto Network. Only one prize can be awarded per hole.

2017 Corporate Golf Challenge Sponsors

2017 Platinum Team Sponsors

Andrews Food Systems

Banner & Bower, PC
Benefits Broker
C & O Windows and Doors
Comcast Spotlight
CSU Foundation
Custom Floor Covering
Drury Brothers Roofing
Heather Montano
HUB International Insurance Services
Interim Healthcare
JE Dunn
Kaiser Permanente
K.R. Swerdfeger Construction Co.
Ladies in Heals
Legacy Bank
Loaf N’ Jug
Pinnacle Consulting & Husch Blackwell
Pueblo Bank & Trust
Pueblo Chili Dogs
Pueblo Electrics
Rocky Mountain Eye Center
Shaffer Baucom Engineering
Smiley Farms
Spradley Auto Network
TBK Bank
The Scrubs
T.K. Enterprises
Thirty Club
Treanor HL
United Healthcare
US Bank

Chip Fore Cash Sponsor

Hole-In-One Sponsor

Biggest Break Sponsor

Temple Hoyne Buell

da Vinci Surgery Logo

Hospitality Sponsor

Early Bird Sponsor
Anesthesia & Pain Management Services of Pueblo

Lab Corp.

VIP Putting Contest
Park West Imaging

Candid Camera
BC Services

Race to the Finish Gambling Hole
Don’s Landscaping and Lawn Service

Scoreboard Sponsor
Wakefield & Associates

Robo Golf Contest
da Vinci Robotics

People Mover

Breakfast Sponsor
Pueblo Cardiology Associates

Bag Drop Sponsor
Premier Mortgage Services

Beverage Cart Sponsor
Stockman, Kast ,Ryan & Co.
Pueblo Pathology

Driving Range Sponsor
T.R. Toppers
K. Tucker & C. Eliot

Putting Green Sponsor
Hall Painting
Pueblo Community College

Golf Cart Sponsor
T & S Excavating

Lucky Links Silent Auction Sponsor
Keys Complete

Contest Sponsor
Relay Health

PIT Stop Sponsor
Siegel Concrete
Tom G. Hall Drywall

Premium Hole Sponsor

  1. Keys Complete
  2. Olson Plumbing & Heating
  3. Stewart Title
  4. Rocky Mountain Landscape
  5. Principal Financial
  6. D. D. Marketing
  7. Sangre de Cristo Surgical Associates
  8. Credit Service Company, Inc.
  9. Lewan Technology
  10. Black Hills Energy
  11. Hodge Media Gap
  12. Farmers Insurance – Kevin Shriver
  13. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  14. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  15. New Image Drywall
  16. The Advantage Group
  17. The Advantage Group

Physician Sponsors

  1. Dr. Paul McCarthy
  2. Dr. Greg Bowman
  3. Southern Colorado Radiologists
  4. Dr. Mike & Laura Growney
  5. Dr. Theresa Braden
  6. Dr. Robert Tonsing

2017 Biggest Break Tee Times

Biggest Break Tee Times

Team 1 Team 2
4:45 Shaffer-Baucom Comcast Spotlight
4:52 Benefits Broker, Inc KBL Industries/Custom Floor
4:59 Pueblo Electrics SCEMA
5:06 Smiley Farm H. Montano (If It's Not Scottish)
5:13 Legacy Bank Pueblo Chili Dogs
5:20 US Bank TreanorHL
5:27 UNUM JE Dunn
5:34 Pueblo Bank and Trust Andrews Food Services
5:41 C & O Windows & Doors Banner & Bower, P.C.
5:48 Ladies in Heals Interim Healthcare
5:55 Hub International Loaf 'N Jug
6:02 Kaiser Permanente PepsiCo
6:09 CSU Pueblo Foundation SCRUBS
6:16 SECOM KR Swerdfeger
6:23 TBK Bank Spradley Auto
6:30 Rocky Mountain Eye Center United Healthcare
6:37 30 Club Drury Bros.
6:44 TK Enterprise, LLC Pinnacle/Husch-Blackwell

2017 Corporate Challenge Starting Holes

Hole Golfer Team
1A Miles, Jim Pinnacle/Husch-Blackwell-PD
1A White, David Pinnacle/Husch-Blackwell-PD
1A Baxter, Mike Pinnacle/Husch-Blackwell-PD
1A Roman, Mike Pinnacle/Husch-Blackwell-PD
1A Pruden, Matt Pinnacle/Husch-Blackwell-PD
Hole Golfer Team
1B Fridley, Matt TreanorHL-PD
1B Shirley, Steve (PMC) TreanorHL-PD
1B Nafziger, Steve, MD TreanorHL-PD
1B Caldwell, James TreanorHL-PD
1B Kuehn, Scott TreanorHL-PD
Hole Golfer Team
2A Drury, Ike Drury Bros. Roofing-PD
2A Houghton, Brandon Drury Bros. Roofing-PD
2A Six, Sid Drury Bros. Roofing-PD
2A Prutch, Joe Drury Bros. Roofing-PD
2A Skube, Ted Drury Bros. Roofing-PD
Hole Golfer Team
2B Swerdfeger, Keith K.R. Swerdfeger Construction-PD
2B Hill, Frank K.R. Swerdfeger Construction-PD
2B Kochen, Brandon K.R. Swerdfeger Construction-PD
2B Stephens, Darryl K.R. Swerdfeger Construction-PD
2B Swerdfeger, Ray K.R. Swerdfeger Construction-PD
Hole Golfer Team
3A Bower, Joe Banner & Bower, P.C.
3A Leyh, Brett Banner & Bower, P.C.
3A Montano, Ron, DDS Banner & Bower, P.C.
3A Snyder, Doug Banner & Bower, P.C.
3A Vetta, Cory Banner & Bower, P.C.
Hole Golfer Team
3B Baucom, Dennis Shaffer-Baucom Engineering
3B Siegel, Joe Shaffer-Baucom Engineering
3B Velasquez, Vince Shaffer-Baucom Engineering
3B Smith, Darrin Shaffer-Baucom Engineering
3B Green, Jim Shaffer-Baucom Engineering
Hole Golfer Team
4A Gale, Cory United Healthcare-PD
4A Myers, Cindy United Healthcare-PD
4A Norris, Mike United Healthcare-PD
4A Stoller, Dave United Healthcare-PD
4A Neely, Marc United Healthcare-PD
Hole Golfer Team
4B Vecchio, Dave Benefit's Broker-PD
4B Willard, Steve Benefit's Broker-PD
4B Wristen, John Benefit's Broker-PD
4B Shirley, Steve Benefit's Broker-PD
4B Fiorenzi, Chris Benefit's Broker-PD
Hole Golfer Team
5A Dusseau, Tim PepsiCo-PD
5A Early, Shawn PepsiCo-PD
5A McLaughlin, Matt PepsiCo-PD
5A Montoya, Rick PepsiCo-PD
5A Vigil, Jim PepsiCo-PD
Hole Golfer Team
5B Hinkle, Mike Andrews Food Service-PD
5B Andrews, George, III Andrews Food Services-PD
5B Androes, Scott Andrews Food Services-PD
5B Pickern, Travis Andrews Food Services-PD
5B Ratzlaff, Tom Andrews Food Services-PD
Hole Golfer Team
6A O'Quin, Dennis C & O Windows & Doors-PD
6A O'Quin, Jeanette C & O Windows & Doors-PD
6A Cone, Pat C & O Windows & Doors-PD
6A Cone, Tom C & O Windows & Doors-PD
6A Deleo, Joe C & O Windows & Doors-PD
Hole Golfer Team
6B Schmoker, Stuart JE Dunn-PD
6B Laydon, Nick JE Dunn-PD
6B Latas, Bob JE Dunn-PD
6B Amaya, Jose JE Dunn-PD
6B Hruby, Jim JE Dunn-PD
Hole Golfer Team
7A Koshke, Josh Colorado State University-Pueblo Foundation-PD
7A Porter, Matt Colorado State University-Pueblo Foundation-PD
7A Kelly, Todd Colorado State University-Pueblo Foundation-PD
7A Proal, Sam Colorado State University-Pueblo Foundation-PD
7A Proal, Doug Colorado State University-Pueblo Foundation-PD
Hole Golfer Team
7B Black, Brandon, MD Pueblo Chile Dogs-PD
7B Growney, Mike MD Pueblo Chile Dogs-PD
7B Ortiz, Gerardo, MD Pueblo Chile Dogs-PD
7B Millea, John Pueblo Chile Dogs-PD
7B Oldenburg, Daniel Pueblo Chile Dogs-PD
Hole Golfer Team
8A Sandoval, Brian, MD SCRUBS
8A Marmolejo, Albert SCRUBS
8A Goodrich, Markus SCRUBS
8A Vossler, Ken SCRUBS
8A Olgane, Tim SCRUBS
Hole Golfer Team
8B Cook, Rory Pueblo Bank & Trust-PD
8B Fesmire, Tammy Pueblo Bank & Trust-PD
8B Potts, Aaron Pueblo Bank & Trust-PD
8B Thorson, Scott Pueblo Bank & Trust-PD
8B Law, Craig Pueblo Bank & Trust-PD
Hole Golfer Team
9A Guarienti, Ron Pueblo Electrics-PD
9A Coet, Bob Pueblo Electrics-PD
9A Brake, Andrew Pueblo Electrics-PD
9A Rodriguez, Ryan Pueblo Electrics-PD
9A Olguin, Tony Pueblo Electrics-PD
Hole Golfer Team
9B Mayer, Brian 30 Club
9B Corsi, Brian 30 Club
9B Hinkle, Scott 30 Club
9B Shumaker, Matt 30 Club
9B Edwards, Casey 30 Club-PD
Hole Golfer Team
10A Pfeif, Chad Legacy Bank-PD
10A Magnone, Mark Legacy Bank-PD
10A Vidmar, Derek Legacy Bank-PD
10A Trainor, Andrew Legacy Bank-PD
10A Schmeling, Ben Legacy Bank-PD
Hole Golfer Team
10B Detwiler, Ed Loaf 'N Jug-PD
10B Cruz, Jimmy Loaf 'N Jug-PD
10B Valentine, Ron Loaf 'N Jug-PD
10B Ahlers, Rose Loaf 'N Jug-PD
10B McAlpin, Nicole Loaf 'N Jug-PD
Hole Golfer Team
11A Hanson, Ken KBL Industries/Custom Flooring-PD
11A Shiflett, Jim KBL Industries/Custom Flooring-PD
11A Eldrige, Dave KBL Industries/Custom Flooring-PD
11A Baum, Kenny KBL Industries/Custom Flooring-PD
11A Jubic, Martin KBL Industries/Custom Flooring-PD
Hole Golfer Team
11B Spradley, Larry Spradley Auto
11B Aldea, Tom Spradley Auto
11B Spradley, Kris Spradley Auto
11B Spoone, Mike Spradley Auto
11B Severson, Pete Spradley Auto
Hole Golfer Team
12A McCarthy, Kevin US Bank-PD
12A Patrick, Scott US Bank-PD
12A Dell, Tony US Bank-PD
12A O'Brien, Joe US Bank-PD
12A Black, Tom US Bank-PD
Hole Golfer Team
12B Thayer, Rob SECOM-PD
12B Johnston, Jack SECOM-PD
12B Larsen, Scott SECOM-PD
12B Stanger, Telly SECOM-PD
12B Monarco, Scottie SECOM-PD
Hole Golfer Team
13A Aldag, Dave Rocky Mountain Eye Center-PD
13A Schlomer, Don, MD Rocky Mountain Eye Center-PD
13A Smith, Cory, DO Rocky Mountain Eye Center-PD
13A Coatney, Mike, MD Rocky Mountain Eye Center-PD
13A Gallacher, Kevin Rocky Mountain Eye Center-PD
Hole Golfer Team
13B Schultz, Erik TK Enterprise, LLC-PD
13B Braden, Teresa, D.O. TK Enterprise, LLC-PD
13B Polise, Nicholas TK Enterprise, LLC-PD
13B Nowaczyk, Alexandria TK Enterprise, LLC-PD
13B Giang, Jimmy TK Enterprise, LLC-PD
Hole Golfer Team
14A Neill, Matt UNUM-PD
14A Anderson, Alex UNUM-PD
14A Johnson, Lisa UNUM-PD
14A Osterhaus, Katie UNUM-PD
14A Rauzi, Jessica UNUM-PD
Hole Golfer Team
14B Reyher, Dave TBK Bank-PD
14B Arends, Norm TBK Bank-PD
14B Galli, Dave TBK Bank-PD
14B Contreras, Luis TBK Bank-PD
14B Dunsmoor, Mark TBK Bank-PD
Hole Golfer Team
15A Centner, Matt Comcast Spotlight
15A Segura, Chris Comcast Spotlight
15A Meyer, Keegan Comcast Spotlight
15A Shaw, Jeff Comcast Spotlight
15A Contreras, Carlos Comcast Spotlight
Hole Golfer Team
15B Keilbach, Kevin HUB International Insurance Services-PD
15B Van Gulick, Jeff HUB International Insurance Services-PD
15B Torrez, Bob HUB International Insurance Services-PD
15B Henry, Brian HUB International Insurance Services-PD
15B Blanchard, Tim HUB International Insurance Services-PD
Hole Golfer Team
16A Smiley, Scott, MD Smiley Farm-PD
16A Smiley, Trish Smiley Farm-PD
16A Paxson, Ron Smiley Farm-PD
16A Paxson, T.D. Smiley Farm-PD
16A Paxson, Morgan Smiley Farm-PD
Hole Golfer Team
16B Spradley, Carol Ladies in HEALS-PD
16B Edwards, Victoria Ladies in HEALS-PD
16B Allen, Lori Ladies in HEALS
16B Harper, Jenny Ladies in HEALS-PD
16B Likes, Shauna Ladies in HEALS-PD
Hole Golfer Team
17A Gaultney, Mike Kaiser Permanente
17A Baron, Steve Kaiser Permanente
17A Hardy, Eric Kaiser Permanente
17A Roman, Henry Kaiser Permanente
17A Slater, Brad Kaiser Permanente
Hole Golfer Team
17B Montano, Heather Heather Montano-PD (If It's Not Scottish)
17B Smiley, Ryan, D.D.S. Heather Montano-PD(If It's Not Scottish)
17B Fillhart, Paul Heather Montano-PD(If It's Not Scottish)
17B Jehl, Lucas Heather Montano-PD(If It's Not Scottish)
17B Fillhart, Stacy Heather Montano-PD(If It's Not Scottish)
Hole Golfer Team
18A Wilson, David, M.D. SCEMA-PD
18A Bowles, Matt, M.D. SCEMA-PD
18A Roberts, Brad, M.D. SCEMA-PD
18A Becker, Robert, M.D. SCEMA-PD
18A Krier, Shay, M.D. SCEMA-PD
Hole Golfer Team
18B Ickstadt, Jo Interim Healthcare-PD
18B Conboy, Conan Interim Healthcare-PD
18B Young, Don Interim Healthcare-PD
18B Yaun, Jason Interim Healthcare-PD
18B Curlee, Justin Interim Healthcare-PD

2017 Silent Auction

Lucky Links Silent Auction Sponsored by Key Complete

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the silent auction at the VIP event from 4-9pm.

Photo Albums- sponsored by BC Services

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