Two Visitor Policy

  • Visiting Hours 8am - 8 pm.
  • Patients are allowed to have TWO VISITORS (10 years+) at a time. This includes visiting a patient, coming in for a procedure if they need assistance and visits to the emergency room.
  • COVID patients may have visitors on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1-3 pm.
  • Limit interactions with others when in the hospital.

Read more about the policy here

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Defining Moments

  • Sometimes, he’s the first and last Parkview employee that patients see as they enter and exit the hospital.

    After 40 years of service, Larry Vigil has become a positive, personal fixture at Parkview.

  • A sideways glance, a smirk, a little laugh, an occasional wink.

    It’s something that most couples do.

    Same with Angelica and Joshua. They finish each other’s sentences, and despite the medical grade surgical masks, they glance at each other with smiling eyes. You can tell that this couple loves each other and their family. What really stands out is their passion for healthcare and their journey to Parkview.

  • The call of the open road was more than enough inspiration for Lisa Delacruz, but the prospects of a healthier lifestyle, free from aches and pains and troublesome health issues was her motivation for bariatric surgery at Parkview.

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