Rising to Meet New Challenges

Parkview's mission is to "provide the highest quality health care to the people we serve." Our vision is "to be the provider of choice for patients, physicians, and employees." 

Since it all began in 1923, Parkview Medical Center has provided millions of dollars in charity care to our community and in fiscal 2019, this important work continued. With the state's expansion of Medicaid, our region, in particular, has seen tremendous growth in the number of Medicaid recipients and the latest county numbers indicate there are more than 71,000 Medicaid recipients which equates to 45% of Pueblo County's population Parkview's business volume with Medicaid is 28% of our total gross revenue.

Parkview remains one of two large, independent community hospitals operating in Colorado. Our success can be directly attributed to an outstanding governing board. Parkview Board Members define themselves as Pueblo citizens first and Parkview Board Members second. Maintaining this independence allows the Board and Leadership the ability to prioritize key decisions and commit resources based on the needs of our community. 

We Value...

Honesty & Integrity





As the region's largest private employer with more than 3,200 outstanding individuals, Parkview continues to strategically grow. Parkview's Internal Medicine Residency continues to produce top quality physicians. This program was designed to attract and retain much-needed physicians to our region and our success has been outstanding. We also offer fellowships in Gastroenterology, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Cardiology and Nephrology.

Our fiscal year 2019 was the first full year with the selective downsizing at St. May-Corwin Medical Center. The volume demands have been significant. As it is with Parkview, we have stepped up to meet the needs of our community and the surrounding areas. We currnelty provide over 90% of the care that is delivered in our community.

Beyond the millions in charity care provided every year, Parkview continued work to enhance our facilities. The Emergency Department expansion will complete the final phase of our 2020 Master Plan. The project will be completed by the end of May 2020 and will include a new helipad. The process has begun to analyze the data and plan Parkview's direction for 2020-2025.

On behalf of our outstanding employees, physicians and volunteers, I thank you for choosing Parkview for your health care needs. We look forward to serving our great community in the years ahead. 

Leslie Barnes
President/Chief Executive Officer

The Numbers

Number of Patients Served for Fiscal Year Ending 06/30/2019:

  • 16,611 admissions
  • 154,293 outpatient visits
  • 4,605 inpatient surgeries
  • 10,508 outpatient surgeries
  • 79,539 emergency room visits

Nonprofit Status

Parkview Medical Center was founded in 1923 and offers acute healthcare and behavioral health specialty services. The Medical Center was incorporated as a Colorado nonprofit corporation in 1983 for the purpose of conducting the day-to-day operations of the hospital facilities. Parkview Medical Center receives tax-exempt status pursuant to section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and public charity status pursuant to section 509 (a) (1). A nonprofit organization is exempt from income tax and property tax for the activities that relate to the reason they have been given that status. Parkview, on the other hand, provides healthcare to everyone that presents at our facility regardless of ability to pay. For any activity outside the scope of Parkview’s exemption, we pay income tax and property tax. Parkview is one of the largest property tax payers in the city, as we pay property tax on all our medical office buildings.

Charity Care

Giving to Those in Need

Parkview Medical Center is a trusted place for healthcare. The medical center provides a significant amount of uncompensated care below cost and at no cost to patients in need. Parkview provided $34,928,571 in charity care for fiscal year ending June 30, 2019. In order to help those in need, Parkview also has a discount policy that applies to the poor, uninsured and under-insured. In determining the discount, the medical center considers the availability of health insurance, family income, and other coverage options. Our credit department works with individuals to find solutions that work for patients and their families. We believe people are accountable and need to be responsible for their actions and contribute to their care and well-being. We also understand the need for charity care and the place it holds in our mission.

Community Benefit

Total Community Benefits $34,928,571

Community Services

Health Education $22,510

Community-based clinical services $189,529

Total $212,039

Health Professionals Education

Total $14,740

Healthcare-related Scholarships

Total $52,792

Cash and In-kind Contributions

Supported 63 organizations, including contributions to nursing programs

Total $192,000

Unreimbursed Charity Care/Medicaid

Total $34,457,000

Mission, Vision, & Values


It is the mission of Parkview Medical Center to provide the highest quality health care to the people we serve.


To be the health care provider of choice for patients, physicians and employees.


Our work values will be governed by Parkview’s core values of:

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Stewardship

Living in Pueblo

Livability Pueblo 2016 cover photo

The Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce recently unveiled Livability: Pueblo, CO 2018, a print and digital program that promotes the area to newcomers, visitors and relocating businesses. Parkview Medical Center is proud to sponsor the digital version of the magazine.