Published on June 13, 2013

Parkview Medical Center Emergency Department Docs Create Videos to Educate Patients

Engaging videos help explain procedures, medication, diseases and treatments

PUEBLO, Colo. (June 13, 2013) — National studies have revealed that about two out of 10 patients remember or fully understand the important details related to what hospital clinicians explain during their treatment. As a result Parkview Medical Center has partnered with Incendant to enhance patient understanding and compliance in their medical care. Incendant provides illustrations and videos through an application available on tablets and computers in the medical center. The program is installed on mobile devices and clinicians at Parkview can use both the images and the short videos to clarify messages to patients and their caregivers during their time in the hospital and even after they have left the hospital.
Incendant was founded by local emergency department physicians Tom Greidanus and Shaun Gogarty, who know firsthand the challenges of educating patients. Speaking on his own use of Incendant in the emergency department at Parkview, Dr. Gogarty said, “If you think about it, being sick or injured is hardly the best time to get educated. But with the visual aids and videos patients quickly understand complicated issues and their role in getting healthier.”
Clinicians in Parkview’s Emergency Department and Cardiac Care Units are currently using Incendant’s visually engaging two to three minute videos and images to explain specifics related to patient injuries, diseases, medications, procedures, tests, and even evidence-based treatments. Patients see and hear this specific information about their condition thereby improving their understanding, satisfaction and engagement in their effort to return to good health. As additional reinforcement, Incendant allows for this critical information to be sent out via email, so the patient and caregiver can review this information as often as needed in the comfort of their home. Additional clinical departments at Parkview will soon introduce the Incendant resources to their patients. Funding for Incendant at Parkview Medical Center was provided by the Parkview Foundation.
The Incendent program includes a library of more than 200 anatomical images; more than 100 short videos providing a thorough, consistent explanations covering conditions, diagnosis, procedures and medications; graphical discharge instructions; patient education; and even advanced directives.


Incendant LLC was founded in January 2012 by two physicians and a media expert with the intent to provide products to fix the communication gap between clinicians and patients estimated to cost $206 billion/year. Our mobile application puts images and interactive videos in the clinicians’ hands, significantly improving patient understanding while simplifying the clinicians’ instruction. Our media can then be delivered by email for review and response. Any clinician in any setting using Incendant can better engage their patient in disease management.

About Parkview Medical Center

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