Published on May 09, 2014

Parkview Medical Center Awarded Certification from the Joint Commission for Orthopedic Knee and Hip Replacement Program

Parkview Medical Center has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for its Orthopedic Knee and Hip Replacement program by demonstrating compliance with The Joint Commission’s national standards for quality and safety in disease-specific care. The certification award recognizes Parkview’s dedication to continuous compliance with The Joint Commission’s state-of-the-art standards.

Parkview’s Orthopedic Knee and Hip Replacement Program, known as the Joint Center, opened in August 2006 and is the first program of its kind to receive a Gold Seal of Approval south of Denver. The comprehensive program, offering education both before and after surgery has had tremendous success in providing patients with an excellent experience as well as improved outcomes.

Parkview underwent a rigorous on-site review in February. A Joint Commission expert evaluated the Joint Center for compliance with standards of care specific to the needs of patients and families, including infection prevention and control, as well as leadership and medication management.

"In achieving Joint Commission certification, Parkview’s Joint Center has demonstrated its commitment to the highest level of care for its patients with knee & hip replacement," says Jean Range, M.S., R.N., C.P.H.Q. executive director, Disease-Specific Care Certification, The Joint Commission. “Certification is a voluntary process and I commend Parkview for successfully undertaking this challenge to elevate its standard of care and instill confidence in the community it serves.”

"With Joint Commission certification, we are making a significant investment in quality on a day-to-day basis from the top down. Joint Commission accreditation provides us a framework to take our organization to the next level and helps create a culture of excellence,” says Maggie Welte, Parkview Disease Specific Coordinator.  “Achieving Joint Commission certification in knee & hip replacement, for our organization, is a major step toward maintaining excellence and continually improving the care we provide.”

Parkview is extraordinarily proud of the achievements The Joint Center has made. The program is constantly striving to enhance processes and technological advancements. Recently, The Joint Center partnered with UBICare and Incendant to provide a new level of patient education, increase patient engagement and improve patient outcomes. UICarePath/Joints, the patient engagement tool created by UBICare and Incendent, improves patient satisfaction, shortens length of stay and reduces readmissions by providing patients with simple, easy to understand instructions about their care. Patients are enrolled in UICarePath before surgery, in a process that takes 20 seconds, allowing them to engage in the process on their time and in their home. UICarePath translates complicated doctor talk into easy-to-understand emails that incorporate engaging images, animations and videos. The messages are matched perfectly to where the patients are in the process according to their surgery date – patients and their families receive the right information at the right time.

Joint Center orthopedic surgeons also have a new tool in their arsenal for selecting the best surgery to meet their patients’ needs. Parkview is the first facility to offer the HipSextant navigation system to total hip replacement patients. Malposition is a common problem with hip replacement surgery and can increase risk of dislocation and wear, resulting in early failure. The HipSextant navigation system is a smart mechanical instrument system developed to quickly and easily achieve accurate cup alignment. A pre-op CT scan is used to produce a 3-D model and two easily found and reproducible landmarks are used by the surgeon in the operating room. The surgeon can then keep an eye on the patient with no need to look up at a computer screen to ensure proper alignment. The process only adds a couple of minutes to the surgical procedure, but it assists the surgeon in obtaining perfect alignment, reducing the need for further surgeries and complications.

“When Parkview’s Joint Center opened in 2006, our vision was to provide the best in orthopedic joint replacement, right here in Pueblo,” explained Lauri Martin, Joint Center Director. “That vision continues today as we enhance the patient experience by adding additional recourses and technological advancements to the program. There is no reason to leave town for your joint replacement; your best option is right here in your backyard.”

About Parkview Medical Center

Founded in 1923, Parkview Health System in Pueblo, Colorado, offers general acute healthcare and health specialty services. As a private, non-profit organization, Parkview is licensed for 350 beds and provides a full range of healthcare services including a verified Level III Trauma Center along with exceptional comprehensive cardiac and orthopedic care. Parkview Health System is the leader in all service lines in our service area. As a vital healthcare source, Parkview’s service area includes Pueblo County and 14 surrounding counties, which together represent 370,000 total lives.

Parkview Health System is the largest non-government, nonprofit, private sector employer in Pueblo County with approximately 3,000 employees and provides a skilled medical staff of over 370 physicians. The impact of our workforce triggers a strong impact on the community as Parkview’s annual payroll contributes $232 million to the economy.