Published on January 12, 2016

Parkview Emergency Department Physicians Board Certified

Parkview Medical Center is proud to announce several of their emergency department physicians have been certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM). Parkview has a partnership with Southern Colorado Emergency Medical Associates (SCEMA) to employ physicians that are board certified in emergency medicine at both Parkview emergency department locations. Parkview and SCEMA strongly believe in the importance of having only board certified physicians providing care in the emergency department. Board certification demonstrates Parkview physicians’ exceptional expertise in emergency medicine.
    The following physicians recently successfully fulfilled the certification or recertification requirements of ABEM:

  • Dr. William (Shaun) Gogarty, who has been a physician at Parkview for 20 years
  • Dr. Thomas Greidanus, who has been a physician at Parkview for 12 years
  • Dr. Carol Joslin, who has been a physician at Parkview for 10 years
  • Dr. Robert Macdonald, who has been a physician at Parkview for 17 years
  • Dr. Robert Becker, who is new to Parkview
  • Dr. Alexis Bencze, who is new to Parkview
  • Dr. Elizabeth Skewes, who is new to Parkview
  • Emily McIsaac, who is new to Parkview
  • and Scott Calcgno, who is new to Parkview and was certified by the American Board of Emergency Osteopathic Medicine (ABEOM).

    In the early 1960’s, the population of the United States began demanding an improved quality of care in hospital emergency departments. In response to this demand, hospitals developed full-time emergency services dedicated to providing physicians trained in the provision of quality medical care to patients with life or limb threatening conditions. A number of physicians began limiting their practice to emergency medicine. In doing this, these physicians also developed skills which would be critical to providing quality care in this environment.
    Last year alone, 130 million patients were treated in emergency departments which makes it increasingly important for physicians to be board certified, ensuring their knowledge and education in the most current treatment and up-to-date technology. Initial certification consists of a written and an oral examination. Yearly continuing education requirements must be met in order to be eligible for the recertification exam which occurs every ten years following initial certification. Physicians must also complete a 3 to 4 year residency in emergency medicine before becoming board certified.
    Nationwide, only about half of physicians who work in emergency departments are board certified. In addition to being board certified in emergency medicine, many Parkview Medical Center emergency department physicians specialize in other areas including pediatrics, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and internal medicine. Parkview is the only emergency department south of Colorado Springs to employ a physician who is board certified in pediatric emergency medicine.
    “Patients, physicians, healthcare providers, insurers and quality organizations look at Board Certification as the best measure of a physician’s knowledge, experience and skills to provide quality care within a given specialty,” explained Dr. Dawn Peterson, Parkview Medical Center and SCEMA physician.
    ABEM is one of 24 medical specialty boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Founded in 1976, ABEM develops and administers the emergency medicine certification examination for physicians who have met the ABEM credentialing requirements. ABEM has certified over 30,000 physicians.
    Parkview Medical Center has two conveniently located emergency departments. One at Parkview’s main campus, located at 400 W. 16th Street in Pueblo and the other at 288 Industrial Blvd. in Pueblo West. Both emergency rooms are able to care for any emergency that may arise from minor cuts, scrapes and broken bones to major events like trauma, strokes and heart attacks.

About Parkview Medical Center

Founded in 1923, Parkview Health System in Pueblo, Colorado, offers general acute healthcare and health specialty services. As a private, non-profit organization, Parkview is licensed for 350 beds and provides a full range of healthcare services including a verified Level III Trauma Center along with exceptional comprehensive cardiac and orthopedic care. Parkview Health System is the leader in all service lines in our service area. As a vital healthcare source, Parkview’s service area includes Pueblo County and 14 surrounding counties, which together represent 370,000 total lives.

Parkview Health System is the largest non-government, nonprofit, private sector employer in Pueblo County with approximately 3,000 employees and provides a skilled medical staff of over 370 physicians. The impact of our workforce triggers a strong impact on the community as Parkview’s annual payroll contributes $232 million to the economy.