Published on February 06, 2018

Parkview Medical Center's surgery services on the cutting edge 

For people in Pueblo and Southern Colorado looking for cutting edge surgical technology, Parkview Medical Center is the destination.

With two Da Vinci Xi surgical robots in operation and a brand-new, 22,000 square-foot outpatient center open, Parkview’s top-notch staff and dedicated physicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to complete everything from same-day surgeries such as orthopedic, urology, and gastrointestinal procedures, to inpatient cases involving the spine, lungs and heart.

And Parkview Medical Center is spreading the knowledge too.

It’s become an observation site for physicians around the country looking to learn more about the Da Vinci operating system and it’s grown to become a teaching hospital, passing on valuable medical expertise to doctors in its fellowship and residency programs.

“One of the big changes that I think has taken place is in the core of the medical staff,” said Dr. Chuck Ruzkowski, a gastroenterologist and director of the GI fellowship program at Parkview Medical Center. “Parkview has transformed itself from a community facility into a nationally recognized teaching hospital. I get to work daily with seven of the youngest most talented physicians I’ve ever been involved with.

As a gastroenterologist, Ruzkowski will be one of dozens of doctors taking advantage of the spacious Parkview Outpatient Center.

The building, just a block away from the hospital, was conceived as a way to relieve pressure on the medical center. By moving the endoscopy department to the new building and adding four new operating rooms there for other procedures, patients not needing to spend a night in the hospital will get their procedures done sooner.

“This is going to vastly affect my practice in particular,” said Dr. Natalie Mosely, a urologist with Parkview Medical Group. “My patients will experience not only top-notch equipment, staff and service but most importantly expedited services; improvements in scheduling, fewer delays, faster turnover times, fluidity from start to finish. Those are all things that affect a patient’s experience and specifically their time and it’s not something you can put a price tag on.”

Ruzkowski noted that Parkview does more than 8,000 GI procedures in a year, a startling number that wouldn’t be possible without quality staff, fellows and anesthesiologists working in tandem.

Dr. Jennifer Fitzpatrick, an orthopedic surgeon for Parkview Medical Group, said there’s been a 2 percent increase in outpatient procedures at Parkview in the last four years.

“While that might not sound like much it’s been over 1,000 surgeries and orthopedic surgeries have increased over 7 percent,” she said. “We know we’re going to fill the OR.”

That also leads to better flow through the operating rooms in the hospital proper, meaning the people of Southern Colorado can access exemplary care sooner.

About Parkview Medical Center

Founded in 1923, Parkview Health System in Pueblo, Colorado, offers general acute healthcare and health specialty services. As a private, non-profit organization, Parkview is licensed for 350 beds and provides a full range of healthcare services including a verified Level III Trauma Center along with exceptional comprehensive cardiac and orthopedic care. Parkview Health System is the leader in all service lines in our service area. As a vital healthcare source, Parkview’s service area includes Pueblo County and 14 surrounding counties, which together represent 370,000 total lives.

Parkview Health System is the largest non-government, nonprofit, private sector employer in Pueblo County with approximately 3,000 employees and provides a skilled medical staff of over 370 physicians. The impact of our workforce triggers a strong impact on the community as Parkview’s annual payroll contributes $232 million to the economy.