Published on April 27, 2022


(Pueblo) April 25, 2022 Parkview Health System recently debuted a new minimally invasive option for patients through the ILLUMISITE™ Platform that will aid in the diagnosis of the tiniest lung lesions.

Using a patient’s CT scan, the ILLUMISITE™ Platform allows physicians to create a customized virtual pathway through the patient’s lungs (much like a GPS commonly used in your car helps you to reach a destination.) During the procedure, the physician inserts a bronchoscope along with a navigation catheter into a patient’s mouth. The virtual pathway and navigation catheter enable physicians to navigate through the patient’s airways. Once there, the physician uses specialized biopsy tools to mark or obtain samples of the tissue for biopsy.     

“By investing in this innovative technology, Parkview is furthering the commitment to provide our community with the highest quality patient care,” says Dr. Craig Shapiro with Pueblo Pulmonary Associates. “Lung diseases, including lung cancer impact thousands of people each year. But lung cancer can be beatable, especially when caught early.”

Dr. Shapiro adds that the ILLUMISITE™ platform enhances the ability to effectively utilize minimally invasive techniques that may aid in diagnosis and allow physicians to make more informed decisions for treatment options.

“Our goal is profoundly important — to create less invasive programs that may aid in earlier diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, including lung cancer, through the utilization of this innovative technology,” says Dr. Shapiro. “This can have a significant and lasting impact for our patients.”

Dr. Shapiro (far right) and his team prepare for the debut of the ILLUMISITE Platform at Parkview

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