Stroke Care

Trust the neurologists and health care team at Parkview Medical Center to provide you and your loved ones with advanced, compassionate care for stroke that improves health outcomes.

Support Group

Stroke Survivors Support Group

Please join us for a support group for survivors and caregivers of stroke survivors.Please call 584.4677 for more information.

This care includes expert treatment for both ischemic stroke, caused by a blocked artery, and hemorrhagic stroke, caused by a leaking blood vessel.

You or your loved one’s personalized treatment will include advanced stroke therapies as well as post-treatment education to help improve health and well-being long term. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Cross-team collaboration on your care
  • Designated stroke unit for continuous, focused monitoring
  • Compliance with clinical practice guidelines
  • Support of self-care activities and practices

This commitment to your health has also earned Parkview Medical Center the stroke award Gold Plus Get with Elite Honor Roll from Get with Guidelines - American Stroke Association.

Stroke Rehabilitation & Recovery

Your Parkview team of neurologists, nurses, therapists and medical staff works hard to ensure you return to as optimal a level of function as possible following a stroke. To help you on your journey of healing, we set you up with a team of professionals who work with you to help you rebuild your skills and strength.

Your rehabilitation may include:

  • Occupational therapy – Improves daily function, such as driving ability, cooking, eating, etc., through the use of exercises and adaptive equipment to make tasks easier to complete
  • Physical therapy – Builds strength and restores agility through specialized exercises
  • Speech therapy – Redevelops speech and swallowing abilities

Stroke Education

Your continued health is our primary concern. It’s why we focus so much effort on educating you and the community about stroke prevention, risk factors, and signs and symptoms of stroke.

Learn more about stroke signs and symptoms.

Get More Information

For more information on Parkview's stroke care services, contact program coordinator, Tiffany Maldonaldo at 719.584.4047