Breathing and Lungs

Your respiratory system is made up of the organs that help you breathe. The goal of breathing is delivering oxygen to the body. Lungs are the main organ in your respiratory system.

When your respiratory system isn't working as it should, the highly skilled professionals at Parkview Medical Center are here to help- close to home. The respiratory therapists at Parkview are valued members of your healthcare team who manage breathing and help maintain good lung health by treating a wide range of disorders including:

Your respiratory care at Parkview is in the quality hands of a team of over 50 therapist, lead by a pulmonologist medical director, as well as our director of respiratory therapy and Sleep Lab. This specialized team not only works to make sure you have the best respiratory care during your stay, they also ensure that level of care will be available for generations to come. The team devotes time to educating other departments on the latest respiratory information, provides clinical education to respiratory, nursing, EMT and paramedic students, in addition to working as mentors for the School to Employment Program partnership with Pueblo School District 70.

Maddy Padula

Coordinator of Pulmonary Diagnostics