Meet Our Providers

Parkview Radiation Oncology

Suraj Singh, MD, DABR

Dr. Singh is the Medical Director of the Radiation Oncology
Department at Parkview and is a board-certified radiation
oncologist practicing since 2006. His clinical interests and
specialties include gynecological, prostate, head/neck, breast, CNS,
GI, thoracic and hematological malignancies, and he has been
recognized for his expertise in multiple radiotherapy techniques.

Sangre de Cristo Surgical Associates, P.C. - Partnering with Parkview Medical Center

Priscilla Nobecourt, MD

Dr. Nobecourt is a board-certified general and trauma surgeon
practicing in Pueblo since 2020. She is a member of the
American College of Surgeons and specializes in minimally
invasive surgery, robotic surgery, abdominal wall reconstruction,
and breast and colorectal surgery. Dr. Nobecourt focuses on
surgical treatment that improves short and long-term outcomes
particularly postoperative quality of life, as well as clinical
advancements in the practice of breast oncologic surgery. She
speaks English, French and Spanish.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers

Travis Archuleta, MD

Dr. Archuleta is a board-certified medical oncologist and
hematologist. He has been practicing in Colorado since
2004 and has a strong passion for treating patients with
breast cancer through personalized and comprehensive
treatment plans.

Muath Dawod, MD

Dr. Dawod is a board-certified medical oncologist and
hematologist. He has been practicing in Colorado since 2013
and has a multispecialty cancer practice with a special
interest in patients with blood and gastrointestinal cancers.

Alonso Pacheco, MD

Dr. Pacheco is a board-certified medical oncologist practicing
since 2010. His focus is all cancer types and hematological
disorders - including those with an advanced cancer
diagnosis. Dr. Pacheco offers personalized and targeted
cancer treatments, including immunotherapy.

Sofyan Radaideh, MD

Dr. Radaideh is a board-certified hematologist and medical
oncologist who joined RMCC in 2011. He specializes in
management of cancers and blood disorders and employs
state of the art treatments to achieve the best long-term
outcomes and quality of life for his patients.