Cardiac Care and Recovery

Support Your Recovery

We partner with you to promote your healing, restore your functioning and prevent future problems with your heart or blood vessels. Your knowledgeable rehab team and heart surgery guidebook give you essential information, including:

  • Caring for your surgical wounds
  • Easing pain
  • Managing your medications
  • Reducing stress on your chest
  • Sleeping habits to follow after surgery

While you’re in the hospital, you’ll receive close guidance as you practice activities for daily living, such as walking, climbing stairs, dressing yourself and getting into the bathtub or shower with physical and occupational therapists.

Life Long Heart Health

During your time at Parkview and Cardiac Reheb, you and your family get information and resources to help you feel better and develop lifelong healthy habits, including:

  • Quitting smoking – One of the most important changes you can make
  • Managing weight – Which makes you less likely to have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, two risk factors for heart disease
  • Shopping for healthy foods and cooking well
  • Choosing appropriate menu items at restaurants
  • Coping emotionally with lifestyle changes
  • Patient specific exercise program
  • Management of cardiac risk factors
  • Referred to Diabetes Care Center if needed.

Keep Your Cardiovascular System in Shape

You’ll learn guidelines for when to exercise and how to determine if you’re exerting yourself the right amount. Our home-exercise walking program gives you specific recommendations for how long and how often to walk, depending on your tolerance for activity. Daily exercise strengthens your heart, improves circulation, and can decrease your blood pressure, promote healthy weight and lower stress.

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our Cardiac Rehab department offers a three-phase program, designed primarily for patients with a diagnosis of:

  • Open-heart surgery
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Angioplasty, stent
  • Stable congestive heart failure
  • Heart transplant
  • Angina

Phase I

Typically ordered by your physician while you are hospitalized for a cardiac illness or procedure.

Phase II

Starts after a physician referral and will include cardiac monitoring with exercise, lifestyle modifications and education. You will participate in medically supervised exercise sessions, which include blood pressure measurement and continuous EKG monitoring.

Phase III

Designed as a maintenance program for Phase II graduates. The program allows patients to continue on their exercise program under the supervision of the Cardiac Rehabilitation team.

Continuing Your Healthy Lifestyle

After completion of monitored sessions, patients are encouraged to make exercise a life-long commitment.

Options include:

  • Home exercise regimen
  • Gym exercise regimen
  • Parkview’s maintenance program, which continues your cardiac rehabilitation with medical supervision
  • Education to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Oxygen provided