Meet the Team

Shelley Adams, RN, RTT

Director of Radiation Oncology

Shelley Adams joined Parkview in 2021 with the exciting opportunity to launch the brand new Radiation Oncology Program. Shelley has worked in Radiation Oncology since 2003.  She began her career as a registered nurse and worked on a medical surgical floor until she learned about the field of radiation oncology.  Shelley trained to be a radiation therapist and held that role for 12 years.  She then took an interest in leadership and has had a progressive path, first as a lead radiation therapist, radiation oncology manager, and now a radiation oncology director.  Shelley remains passionate about the field of radiation oncology and building a collaborative support team that is dedicated to providing exceptional, nurturing care to patients.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, camping and horseback riding.

Mike Sheneman, RT, RT (T), RT (CT), CMD


Mike Sheneman began his career in the medical field in 1990, after completing his degree in Radiologic Technology. That career began at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, Colorado. He worked in radiology for almost a decade and also became registered in Cat Scan during that period of his life. Mike then relocated to Washington state where he went to Radiation Therapy school in 1999. After that, he came right back to North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, Colorado, where he worked in Radiation Therapy as a Radiation Therapist for another 8 years. He was then lucky enough to find his way into Dosimetry in the same department. They put him through school and he was happy to pass his dosimetry boards first time around. He worked there up until he joined Parkview in June 2022.  Mike is incredibly excited to be involved in the ground up opening of a new cancer center and to learn new things in order to help the community! 

As for Mike’s interests outside of work, he has always enjoyed the outdoors and has spent a lot of time over the years camping, hunting, hiking, riding bikes, motorcycles or whatever he could do to find a way to play outside.

Nicole Bunda-Randall

Therapeutic Medical Physicist

Nicole Bunda-Randall specializes in therapeutic medical physics and is certified through the American Board of Radiology.

As a Clinical Medical Physicist, Nicole works with various treatment units including, but not limited to, Varian 21EX, Trilogy, and TrueBeam Linear Accelerators, Varian Afterloaders, Elekta Gamma Knife and Zeiss Intraop. She has experience with external beam therapies, brachytherapy planning, stereotactic patients, dosimetry review, image fusion and dose accumulation with MimVista, as well as R&V systems and intraoperative radiotherapy. As a Radiation Safety Officer, Nicole participates in radiation safety training, I-131 treatments, and breast seed localizations.

She has implemented programs such as Total Body Irradiation, Respiratory Motion Management, and Prostate and Syed HDR treatments. Her career passions involve Task Groups, commissioning, and streamlined QA programs.

Nicole completed her Bachelor of Science with a double major in Physics and Mathematics from Purdue University. She received her Masters of Science in Radiological Medical Physics at the University of Kentucky.

Nicole grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, finding her passion for the outdoors in graduate school. On most weekends she can be found taking in all Colorado has to offer: Rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking. She happily resides in Pueblo, CO with her husband Bryce and their perfect pup Waffles.

Nina Gonzales, RN

Nurse Navigator

Nina will be the Radiation Oncology Nurse Navigator for Parkview Health System. She started her career in the Dental field working as a Dental Assistant for 10 years. During the last 5 years of her dental career, she assisted a Dentist with several dental surgeries and that is where she found her passion for surgical patient care and post op patient care. Nina continued to work for the dental office while going to Nursing school at Otero Junior College.

Nina began her career with Parkview in 2013 as a Nurse Student Extern on 5 Tower and received her Licensed Practical Nurse License in 2014. While working on 5 Tower she developed her bedside nursing skills, time management and communication skills and graduated from Nursing school in 2015. As a registered nurse with Parkview, she has worked in several different areas of the hospital from Float Pool to Parkview Outpatient Center and most recently the Recovery Room.

In 2019, Nina made a career change to work with Oncology patients. She took a position at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center as a Chemo treatment nurse, where she was introduced to care for the most inspiring and courageous group of patients. For Nina, oncology has been a challenging - but the most rewarding - nursing specialty she has been a part of. Nina is excited to be a part of the Radiation Oncology group with Parkview and looks forward to meeting all our new patients and helping them navigate their oncology care.

When Nina is not working she enjoys time with her husband and family that includes biking, hiking, camping, swimming and skiing in this beautiful state of Colorado. Nina enjoys participating in endurance sports and baking for her friends and family.

Walker Perry, R.T. (R)(T)(ARRT)

Radiation Therapist

Walker is a Colorado native and has lived in Pueblo nearly his entire life. He has always had a strong desire to serve others and to make a difference in people’s lives, which has led him into healthcare. 

Walker first started his career in the medical field with the radiologic technology program at Pueblo Community College in 2017. Upon completion of the program, he began working at Parkview as a registered radiologic technologist in 2019. While working in the x-ray department, he completed additional education and training at Weber State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy in 2020. He then worked as a radiation therapist in Greeley, CO, gaining a wide variety of clinical experience in radiation oncology.

Walker returned to Parkview in 2022 with the introduction of their radiation oncology program, He is passionate about providing the highest quality of patient care and working with all members of the healthcare team in order to create an exceptional patient experience.

Outside of the office, Walker enjoys many outdoor activities including watching and playing sports, and spending time with friends and family.

Robin Greenfield, R.T.(R)(T)(ARRT)

Radiation Therapist

Robin graduated from CSU-Pueblo with a Bachelor of Arts in English and became an adjunct professor at Colorado Technical University, eventually landing in finance.  She continued to work in finance for 10 years holding several different roles to including account specialist, team lead, and supervisor.  After experiencing personal loss and being affected by a close friend's familial journey with cancer, Robin explored the idea of a career change to healthcare while at the height of her career in finance. She pondered a way that she could use her time and talents to make a deep impact on the lives of others. She began by volunteering with a local health care facility, finding joy and satisfaction with servitude: changing linen, cleaning rooms, and getting warm blankets for patients. She knew what she needed to do.  

Robin received her Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy from Weber State University. While completing her degree, Robin worked as a radiologic technologist for Parkview. Upon graduation, Robin began working as a radiation therapist for Penrose Hospital. Robin is excited to return to Parkview and continue in a career she is very passionate about in a community she loves.  

Robin lives in Pueblo West with her husband Randy; daughter Haley; and menagerie of animals, including 2 cats, a dog, and several chickens. When she is not caring for patients, Robin enjoys being creative, rooting for her daughter's soccer team, strolling the Pueblo Riverwalk, and traveling. 

Lyndsey Van Loh, BA BS R.T.(T)

Lead Radiation Therapist

Lyndsey is originally from the Midwest state of Iowa and is a proud Hawkeye! Her passion for entering a career in healthcare was adriving factor to attend the University of Iowa. She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Studies and Human Physiology with a double minor in music and psychology.

Upon graduation she took a position as the Program Director for Camp Courage in Maple Lake, MN. This camp served adult and pediatric physical/mental disabilities. Lyndsey developed and implemented activities for all individuals to participate at their maximum level of autonomy. However, Lyndsey’s passion for serving a community and helping others did not stop there.

The field of Radiation Oncology had always held the highest respect for her because this technology and advanced treatment saved her mother’s life. She believed having the opportunity to fight for a cure and be a positive source of support in a patient’s life could make all the difference.

In 2016, she returned to the University of Iowa to complete a Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy.  Although Iowa would always be home; she relocated to Colorado in 2018 to begin her career as a Radiation Therapist. She has spent the previous four years practicing radiation therapy in Colorado and is excited to join the Parkview team as the Lead Radiation Therapist. Lyndsey is excited to work with an experienced Radiation Oncology team that strives to deliver outstanding care to every patient.

In her free time, Lyndsey enjoys spending time with friends and family, including her husband and their two cats. Some hobbies include: hiking, biking, swimming, camping and playing board games.

Adria Campos

Patient Access Specialist

Adria is a native of Colorado and was born here at Parkview. She lived in Pueblo until age 2 and then grew up in Colorado Springs. She started her career in Radiation Oncology in 2021 at Penrose Radiation Oncology working as the Advanced Complex Procedure Schedule. Prior to that, she worked in Trauma/General Surgery for 8 years. Adria joined Parkview in 2022 excited for the opportunity to help launch the new Radiation Oncology Program.

Before she completed her medical training, Adria attended The Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College in California, where she received a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management with an emphasis in Wildlife Conservation. Shortly after that, she began her career working and training exotic animals for movie and television. Adria enjoyed the opportunity to travel all over the world with her career, but no matter where she has been, Adria always considers Colorado her home. She came back to Colorado in 2012 and in 2013 became a mother.

Adria loves working with people and being able to help where she can, but it wasn’t until both her and her Mother were diagnosed with breast cancer - a year apart - that she knew she wanted to work in the Radiation Oncology field. The experience with the people who cared for her was amazing at one of the most difficult times in her life. As a result of their care and kindness, Adria knew she wanted to be able to give others the same experience that she had. Whether it is just being there to listen, hold their hand and cry with them, or offer a voice of compassion and encouragement, Adria wants to make a difference with her patients.

In her free time, she enjoys screaming at the top of her lungs at her son’s wrestling matches, spending time with family, jet skiing, camping, fishing and swimming.

Amber Wahlen

Registered Medical Assistant

Amber Wahlen joined the medical field at Parkview in 2015. Her compassionate and personable individual approach alongside with her experience in assisting with patient care and support to hospital patients and visitors, helped form her foundation with Parkview in varying capacities over the past seven years. Her passion for caring and positively influencing people led her to choose a career in the medical field. The desire to be more involved in the care of others and to really make a difference in people's lives prompted her to make a change in the direction of healthcare. When the exciting opportunity was presented to be a part of the new radiation oncology department she knew it was the right path for her to take. She believes that compassion is key and treating each person with respect and dignity will allow her to give the best possible service to our patients and their families.

She is a Pueblo native and enjoys traveling, anything that involves being outdoors, spending time with my family, and being involved in all aspects of her children's activities.

Registered through the American Medical Technologist (AMT)