Kidsville Pediatric Unit


Parkview Medical Center’s Pediatric Unit, called Kidsville® provides competent, quality health care to children and their families in a safe, nurturing, and comforting environment. We provide age appropriate care to meet the needs of each individual child. Our pediatric nurses are certified in PALS - Pediatric Advanced Life Support that is a specialized training course teaching life saving techniques for pediatric patients. Our Kidsville nursing staff has over 200 years of pediatric nursing experience.

Our 11 bed unit cares for a wide range of conditions and offers patients many conveniences they have at home including; flatscreen televisions, DVD/VCR players, Nintendo Gamecube and Wii. We provide service for children a few days old through age 17.

We ask for your support in caring for your child: 

  • Please encourage your child to express his/her feelings. Provide your child with honest information.
  • The doctors and nurses consider parents to be vital members of our health care team in caring for your child. We encourage parents to be active in caring for their child.
  • Procedures can be frightening to a child and we welcome any input as how to best achieve eliminating fear for your child.
  • We encourage children and their parents to let us know what expectations they have regarding their stay in Kidsville. Children tend to recover sooner from illness if their hospital experience is a good one.
  • Children whose questions, fears and worries are addressed respond better to the care provided by doctors and nurses.


Visiting hours are any time throughout the day for parents and legal guardians. Visitation by others is welcomed daily until 8:00 pm. We encourage a parent or legal guardian to spend the night with their child.


Kidsville patients are treated to a room-service type menu. Please check with your child’s nurse before bringing food from home. If there are no diet restrictions, children may have food from outside the hospital.

Patrice Pate

Pat Pate

Director of Women's & Children's Services