Hearing Tests

Each year, approximately 12,000 babies are born with hearing loss in the United States.The early detection of hearing loss influences the educational outcome of affected infants. Early hearing detection and intervention programs have been established in Colorado. Infants in whom remediation is begun within six months are able to maintain language, social, and emotional development that is proportionate with their physical development.

All babies have a hearing screening performed prior to leaving the nursery. If the infant fails the first screening, a second screening is performed when the baby is approximately 10 days old. If the infant fails the second screening, a referral is made for the child to be evaluated by an audiologist. An audiologist is a health professional who conducts a series of test to determine whether the infant has a hearing problem. The audiologist will perform a series of diagnostic hearing tests.

Parkview Medical Center has developed an age-appropriate protocol to assist our parents and physicians with Diagnostic Hearing testing. We provide a calm, quiet atmosphere where the infant is monitored by an experienced Pediatric nurse. The nurse will assist the audiologist in obtaining the best possible test.

Patrice Pate

Pat Pate

Director of Women's & Children's Services