Inpatient Rehab

Support Group

Support Groups

We also have a variety of support groups for patients and their family members.

Parkview Center for Rehabilitation is a 15 bed acute inpatient rehabilitation program located within Parkview Medical Center.

We have recently moved to the third floor in the North Annex building, 400 W. 17th St., across from the main facility.

Our mission is to help our patients achieve functional independence through teamwork. Parkview Center for Rehabilitation (also called the Rehab Unit) strives to provide excellent care centered on the needs of each patient in a motivating and friendly environment. The Rehab Unit treats patients 18 years and older (age exceptions may be made with prior approval). We have a highly committed and knowledgeable team.

Contact Information

Administrative Office: 719.584.4995

Referral Line: 719.584.4987

Referral Pager: 719.222.3724

Referral Fax: 719.595.7909

Admission Criteria

  • Medical stability
  • Potential and motivation to progress
  • Sufficient mental alertness to participate in the program
  • Appropriate psychological and behavioral status to participate in the program
  • A need for at least 2 therapies (Physical, Occupational and/or Speech)
  • Needs 24 hour per day rehab nursing and close supervision by a physician
  • Ability to tolerate at least 3 hours of therapy per day
  • Has an identified plan for discharge in to the community

Commonly Treated Conditions

  • Stroke
  • Amputation
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord injury
  • Major multiple trauma
  • Neurological disorders (MS, Parkinson’s)
  • Hip/Femur Fracture
  • Certain Arthritic conditions
  • Post Cardiac surgery
  • Post Back surgery
  • Bilateral Joint replacements
  • Significant Debilities
  • Other conditions will be considered on a case by case basis

Services Provided

Medical Director- Dr. Kinnett is a physiatrist who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Rehab Nursing- Nurses who are trained in the specialty of rehabilitation and assists the patient in achieving maximum independence.
Nurse Educator- Rehab Nurse dedicated to educating staff on continuing educational needs as well as patient education related to health promotion and illness prevention specific to each patient and diagnosis.
Physical Therapy- Therapists trained to optimize the patient’s movement, flexibility and muscle control, improve balance, builds strength and endurance to help the patient with mobility.
Occupational Therapy- Therapists trained to help patients with gaining their independence with daily activities such as grooming, dressing, cooking and many other activities through customized exercises.
Speech Therapy- Therapists trained to help with communication skills, cognitive skills and swallowing disorders.
Recreation Therapy- Therapists trained to help patients with socialization, perceptual and cognitive hobbies and community reintegration.
Respiratory Therapy- Therapists trained to help patients with airway and breathing problems.
Registered Dietician- Nutritionist who evaluates and advises on nutrition needs based on the patient’s medical needs, eating abilities and food preference.
Clinical Psychologist – Provides psychological evaluation and develop appropriate treatment plans to help you and/or your family cope with the psychological issues associated with their deficits.
Pet Therapy – Pet therapy is offered with our Rehab dog, Sarge. Sarge is a certified therapy dog and assist with our patient’s social, emotional and cognitive functioning. He is very useful with motivating to increased participation.
Social Work/Discharge Planner- Helps the patient and family with needs of patient when it is time to go home. (homecare, oxygen and medical equipment)
Case Management- Consults with patient and family and does clinical assessment on patient for admission as well as insurance coordination.
Training Apartment and Kitchen- Available for patients and family to stay overnight in a home-like environment to ensure they are ready and able to care for the patient when they return home.
Team Conference- Weekly conference with all team members to discuss each patient’s plan of care and progress.
Family Conference- Conference with the team members, patient and family to discuss the plan of care, patient progress and discharge plans.
Home Evaluation- Therapists, patient and family go to the home where the patient will be going to after discharge to see if any special accommodations will be needed upon discharge.
Community Outing- Therapists and patient go on a community outing of the patient’s choice to assess how the patient will do outside of the hospital.

Intensity of Services

Parkview Center for Rehabilitation is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nurses with rehab experience are available around the clock. Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies are offered 7 days a week.

While on the Rehab Unit, patients receive at least 3 hours of therapy per day. Activities vary depending on the rehabilitation needs of each patient, but may include; wheelchair mobility, walking, bathing, dressing, speech, swallowing, thinking skills, memory, community re-integration, counseling and coping skills, and education regarding medical and therapy issues.

Patient Outcomes

Parkview Center for Rehabilitation Patient Outcomes

Patient Rights/Ethical Conduct

The Rehab Team will strive to preserve the human rights, dignity, health and safety of patients in the hospital and on the Rehab Unit. Patients will receive a copy of their Patient Rights and Responsibilities upon admission.

The Rehab Team is expected to adhere to the highest level of ethical and legal standards. Patients, families, visitors and other persons with allegations of violations of the Code of Ethical Conduct will be guided toward organizational resources available for problem/resolution and grievance procedures.