Intensive Outpatient Day Rehab

Support Group

Support Groups

We also have a variety of support groups for patients and their family members.

The “Day” Rehab Program at Parkview Medical Center is an intensive outpatient therapy program that is designed for individuals who need at least two therapy sessions in an intensive setting but do not require 24 hour medical care as an inpatient. The Day Rehab therapists schedule an individualized program per the patient’s needs. Patients typically receive 2-3 hours of structured therapy per day, 2-3 days per week.

Services Provided

Medical Director- Dr. Kinnett is a physiatrist who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Rehab Nursing- Nurses who are trained in the specialty of rehabilitation and assists the patient in achieving maximum independence.
Physical Therapy- Therapists trained to optimize the patient’s movement, flexibility and muscle control, improve balance, builds strength and endurance to help the patient with mobility.
Occupational Therapy- Therapists trained to help patients with gaining their independence with daily activities such as grooming, dressing, cooking and many other activities through customized exercises.
Speech Therapy- Therapists trained to help with communication skills, cognitive skills and swallowing disorders.
Recreation Therapy- Therapists trained to help patients with socialization, perceptual and cognitive hobbies and community reintegration.
Clinical Psychologist- As needed.

Pet Therapy- Pet therapy is offered with our rehab dog, Sarge. 

Contact Information

Administrative Office: 719.584.4995

Referral Line: 719.584.4987

Sarah Schultz

Sarah Schultz, Director

Director of Inpatient Rehab