Parkview Breast Health Navigator Program

The Breast Health Navigator Program at Parkview Medical Center is here to assist the medical team and patients navigate through very stressful and often life threatening diagnosis and treatment. 

Services Provided

Collaborate with all members of the medical team to provide consistent information and support for patients: 

  • Medical Physicians & Office Staff
  • Radiologists & Staff
  • Hospital Nurses & Ancillary Personnel

Assist members of the medical team with the following:

  • Expediting ultrasound or stereotactic biopsies
    • Accompany patient to their biopsy
    • Contact patient day after biopsy
  • Contact physician’s office if a cancer or abnormality is noted
  • Assist office staff in obtaining authorizations for specific procedures


  • Assist patient and their families in understanding of their diagnosis
  • Connect patients and families with available community resources
    • Financial
    • Transportation
    • Child care
  • Pre-treatment
    • Provide a quiet, confidential environment
    • Provide educational materials regarding diagnosis & treatment options
    • Support patient in treatment decisions made with their physician
    • Provide BRCA testing and consultation with a local genetic counselor
  • During treatment
    • Provide emotional support for patient and family
  • Post treatment
    • Provide personalized post-mastectomy fittings
      • External breast forms
      • Bras
      • Camisoles
      • Wigs
    • Provide follow-up support for as long as patient & family requests/needs

Donna Hill

Breast Health Navigator