Prior to scheduling a patient, we need the following information: 

  • Signed order from physician to evaluate and treat patient
  • Demographic sheet
  • History and physical progress notes on the wound/ostomy

Parkview Wound Center

If you have a sore or a wound that hasn’t started to noticeably get better in a month or healed entirely in two months, you are not alone. Every year, poor circulation, wounds caused from diabetes or other conditions keep up to 5 million Americans from living a normal life. Whatever the underlying causes, healing a chronic wound is a long-term process that may require frequent wound examination and expert treatment.

The Wound Center at Parkview Medical Center is a physician based, complete outpatient center dedicated to the management of non-healing chronic wounds. The team at the Wound Center works with your personal doctor to help heal your chronic wound. The physicians and nursing staff have advanced training in wound management, assessment and treatment of diabetic foot wounds, venous stasis/pressure ulcers, trauma, and arterial wounds.  Our team will develop a treatment plan based on your special needs and condition. You’ll also be provided detailed instructions and education for you and your family to ensure your care at home has the best possible outcome. Education will include information on bandage changes and protecting your wound from injury.

The Wound Center at Parkview provides state-of-the art technology such as, Apligraf®, Oasis®, Dermagraft,® and GraftJacket® in the treatment of venous and diabetic ulcers. Our staff also provides case management that may include the coordination of surgical procedures, admission to the hospital or nursing home, homecare, and other referral sources, as well as patient/family education in an effort to provide the best possible outcome for the patient.

Out team consists of: 

  • Two certified wound nurses
  • Six surgeons and
  • Three podiatrists 


Patient History and Assessment-Ostomy

Admission History and Assessment

Insurance Coverage

Many health plans including Medicare and Medicaid cover the services of the Wound Center and our physician. We will be glad to work with your primary physician in determining the benefits of your specific plan.

Parkview Wound Center


Sarah Schultz

Sarah Schultz

Director of Wound Care Center and Rehab