Health Academy

Parkview Medical Center has been actively involved with Pueblo City Schools Health Academy program since its inception in 1995.

This highly successful 4-year program prepares high school students for the academic rigor of a degree or technical certificate program in healthcare. High school curriculum provides the students with the background and theory to help them succeed with post-secondary education, while a multitude of training opportunities and partnering with Pueblo Community College allows the student to earn certification as a certified nurse assistants or emergency medical technician while earning college credit.

Students tour Parkview Medical Center as part of their program requirements during their sophomore year, spring semester, as a group. Seniors may request a 40 hour observation to complete the graduation requirements of the Health Academy Pathway. Parkview welcomes the opportunity of providing an up close view for the students of how healthcare professionals make a difference every day.

Stacy Cristelli

Stacy Cristelli

Community Relations Program Coordinator