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To protect patients and health care workers, click the button below for the latest updates and information for COVID-19 at Parkview.

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Job Shadowing

Parkview Medical Center supports the job shadowing experience for students interested in exploring careers in healthcare.

  • Undeclared students who are 18 years of age or older, who are enrolled in accredited colleges/universities or other medical training classes may observe at the medical center, tour select areas, and speak with  healthcare professionals on a request basis through the Community Relations Program Coordinator.
  • Must submit a letter of intent requesting observation time at Parkview Medical Center.
  • Bring a recent letter of recommendation attesting to their character. The letter must include a phone number or email address which can be confirmed.
  • Proof of a current Tuberculosis (TB) test, or chest x-ray, if positive, must be presented.
  • Proof of Varicella vaccination/titer.
  • Proof of Flu shot, if requesting to shadow during the months of October-March.
  • If shadowing a physician, a physician sponsorship agreement to include responsibility/direction of observation including patient authorization must be obtained and presented by the student. Must include start and end date to be indicated on badge. No specific form is available for the agreement. Student must find sponsoring physician who will be willing to allow them to observe during the 8 hour experience.
  • Drug Screen and Criminal Background Checks are required if observing 8 hours or 1 day, to be completed before orientation, and paid by the student through Parkview Employment office.
  • Once completed and cleared, Community Relations Program Coordinator will call to schedule a 45 minute orientation and coordinate their job shadow experience. Please bring all required paperwork to orientation.
  • If minimum requirements are met, and you would like to proceed, contact Community Relations Program Coordinator to schedule an appointment.

Stacy Cristelli

Stacy Cristelli

Community Relations Program Coordinator

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