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School To Employment Program

What is the purpose of STEP?

To provide a community partnership between Parkview Medical Center and District 70 by generating quality academic and employment training opportunities to direct students toward future healthcare careers.

Who is Eligible?

Incoming District 70 High School Seniors


  • Students will be part of the Volunteer Services Youth Program at Parkview Medical Center and must adhere to the criteria established for the STEP Program
  • 2.8 GPA or higher
  • Work assigned hours Monday-Thursday (1.5 hours) during the fall or spring school semester
  • Allowed only three excused absences per semester
  • Arrive with a good attitude, ready to learn
  • Reliable transportation to and from your rotation

What happens in rotation?

  • Work with healthcare professionals and learn about the connection between education and employment
  • Exposure to departments during their medical rotation
  • Gain exposure to clinical /professional experience by learning basic job duties and skills, attend meetings, observe rounds, etc.
  • Shadow a mentor, work the assigned hours, and earn 1 credit hour as a elective

How do I apply?

  • Complete an application during the spring semester of junior year
  • Three letters of recommendation - counselor, teacher and other (extracurricular sponsor or school related adult)
  • Interviews will be conducted and acceptance into the program is in the Spring
  • The program begins fall or spring semester of senior year with a medical rotation at Parkview Medical Center

Why enroll?

  • Discover your interest in becoming a medical professional
  • Learn more about medical professionals and what they do
  • Gain understanding of the working world and what it takes to succeed
  • Acquire training toward a job in the health or medical field and receive help with applying to training programs
  • Eligible to receive a possible 100+ hours of volunteer time while at Parkview
  •  Sponsors
  • STEP is sponsored by Parkview Medical Center and Pueblo School District 70

Stacy Cristelli

Stacy Cristelli

Community Relations Program Coordinator

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