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Health Fair Success Stories

Leopoldo Lopez, Billet Checker at EVRAZ for 36 years

mobile nurse testimonial 1

"The health risks identified at the Parkview Medical Center sponsored health fair is what prompted me to make an appointment to see my family doctor. Parkview Mobile Nurses made me aware of my blood pressure, they saved my life."

John Zane, San Isabel Electric for 40 yearsMobile Nurse Testimonial 2

"I went to the Parkview Health Fair in December 2006 and had the prostate specific antigen test. Later that month, I was notified by a phone call from a Parkview Mobile Nurse that my PSA screening result was out of range. My wife Rita and I discussed the results and decided I needed to follow up with an urologist for further testing. The results of the biopsy was stage 6 cancer. I immediately began treatment and today I am cancer free. I knew the health fair was a good thing because most men don't go to the doctor. The health fair saved my life as I would have been dead. I encourage all my co-workers to do the health screenings."

Candelario Estrada, Pueblo Board of Water Works

"My name is Candelario Estrada, I am 33 years old and currently employed at the Pueblo Board of Water Works. In 2012, I attended an annual health fair provided by my employer and orchestrated by Parkview Mobile Nurses. Here I had to face a harsh reality of being morbidly obese and borderline diabetic. I was also confronted with a number of unhealthy statistics including my cholesterol level. With all the information I was furnished, it motivated me to make a lifestyle change. In 2013, I had the honor to be recognized as the winner of the weight challenge of our wellness program at the Pueblo Board of Water Works. From the start of my weight loss journey, I have lost a total of 65 pounds and turned my unhealthy physical statistics back it to the normal range. This helped me personally and professionally, which in turn has helped me become a better husband, father and employee. I could not have made this lifestyle change without the continuing education and awareness provided by Parkview Mobile Nurses and the wellness fair."

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