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For nearly 15 years, Parkview has been providing health and wellness outreach to the community of Pueblo through our Spirit of Women program. We have grown through the years and our members have been the true champions of making our community healthier. (Cheers to you!)

We have been through challenging times with the global pandemic of COVID-19 that has had an impact on everyone in the world. But it also provided us the opportunity, in all facets of our lives, to rethink and discover how we move forward.

As we move forward with lots of hope, we have recently relaunched our Spirit of Women program into Parkview Discover! Our community has discovered lots of new hobbies, interests, activities and values over these last several months. At Parkview, we are challenging ourselves to do the same.

We look forward to helping you discover yourselves in all things health and wellness. Events and communication may look different, but one thing remains certain. We are here for your healthcare needs and discovering the best versions of ourselves.

Stay tuned for upcoming event information. We can't wait to see you!

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