We value your stories

Maybe it was a moment of compassion or healing, a small act of kindness or as we call it, a defining moment, that made a difference in your life.
Whether you’re a patient or a family member, a medical provider or a Parkview employee, please take a few minutes to read these defining moments shared by others – and then share your own Parkview defining moment with us.

Middle school basketball player on path to lacing them up again thanks to Dr. Lucas King and Parkview Orthopedics

When 13-year-old Caden White suffered a major knee injury while playing basketball, he turned to Dr. Lucas King and the Parkview Orthopedics team to repair his knee and set him on the road to recovery.

In mid-December 2021, Caden was playing in a middle school basketball game. Caden ran to the right corner of the court and another player fell and impacted Caden’s knee, causing Caden himself to fall over.

Caden tore his MPFL (Medial Patellofemoral Ligament) and dislocated his patella.

Suddenly, Caden was in need of medical care and a path toward getting his knee healed so he could get back to doing what he loves: playing basketball and football.

“Initially when the injury occurred, I took him to Parkview’s Pueblo West location just for an initial exam,” said White’s mother, Lindsey Vigna. “At that point they did an X-ray and advised us to follow up with an orthopedic doctor and provided us with Dr. King’s information. I had never heard of an orthopedic doctor. Thankfully I’ve never had to use one, but I contacted the office and made an appointment right away.”

Dr. King performed surgery on Caden in January, and Caden and his mother said they received exceptional care.

“It was a really smooth process,” Vigna said. “On January 14, that was the day of his surgery, we went in not really knowing what to expect other than it’s a fairly short surgery and an outpatient procedure.

“From the minute we walked in the door the lady at the front desk, all the nurses, even to the woman running the coffee stand was extremely friendly and they could tell I had the ‘nervous mom’ look and they were saying, ‘How are you doing mama?’ just checking in and it was just an overall great experience.”

Vigna said she knew her son would get along well with Dr. King the instant they met.

“He’s a personable guy and very easy to talk to. He didn’t use a bunch of medical terminology that we didn’t understand,” she said. “He really just put it out there and explained it.”

One of the foremost issues Caden wanted addressed right away was how long the recovery process would be.

He said Dr. King had a robust discussion about what that would entail, and that recovery would take about four to six months.

Caden, who will enter high school in the fall, said “I’m very excited to go play football this next season.”

Parkview Readies for Cancer Center

December 29th, 2021 marked a momentous occasion for Parkview, Pueblo and Southern Colorado. The last steel beam of our comprehensive cancer center was placed in a “topping out” ceremony after it was signed by construction crew and Parkview staff members. Progress continues and we are honored to continue to lead our community and Southern Colorado in healthcare!

The comprehensive cancer center will be a partnership between Parkview and Rocky Mountain Cancer Center.  Patients will have access to their cancer care in one location, making it easy for them to navigate their health easily during an incredibly difficult time.  The construction is slated to complete towards the end of summer with an opening date in September of 2022. 


Finding Her Way

Alanna, 15, plans to volunteer at Parkview for years.

A hospital the size of Parkview Medical Center can seem like a big place with a lot of people to the uninitiated.

It’s not just nurses and doctors that make the place go.

There are dietitians, environmental service workers, facilities and maintenance experts, lab technicians, pharmacists and clerical workers.

Alanna Burns Defining Moment