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We value your stories

Maybe it was a moment of compassion or healing, a small act of kindness or as we call it, a defining moment, that made a difference in your life.
Whether you’re a patient or a family member, a medical provider or a Parkview employee, please take a few minutes to read these defining moments shared by others – and then share your own Parkview defining moment with us.

Ray and Leotus

After years of working, Leotus' hip needed a replacement. She and her husband, Ray, share their story on how they healed together.

Leotus has also been a volunteer at Parkview for many years. She is happy to be back to volunteering and is able to walk around without the pain she had before.

Ray: "There was no question in my mind that she was going to go into the best, because I was treated like a king when I was there."

Ray was also a patient at Parkview when he received treatment for a stroke. He shares his journey in this video. You can also find more information on our continuum of care for stroke patients by clicking here. Leotus said, "I felt when I walked in there that he was getting the very best care they he could get anywhere, so I never had a doubt in my mine that he should be anywhere else" when she spoke of Ray's stay at Parkview.

Leotus and Ray

Producing positive results

When it comes to food, you’ll never know if you like it until you try it.

For Theresa and Gerald McLaughlin, that axiom has led them on a weight loss adventure that, with the help and guidance of Parkview Medical Center’s mobile nurses, allowed them to shed dozens of pounds in less than a year.

Defining Moment

Hearts that matter

It had been 40 years since Cindy Grant had her last surgery. So a recent heart procedure presented a sense of fear and a stumbling block to her time with her husband, her garden and the keepsake rocks she paints with whimsical and joyful designs.

But the professional staff at Parkview put her at ease and the treatment she received has her back on her feet doing what she loves. To learn more about Cindy’s story follow the link.


  • Jenna

    Positive Perspective

    For Jenna Fisher, an administration representative for Parkview Medical Center’s admissions department, access to Colorado’s stunning beauty would never have been possible without the ultimate gift from two young people.

    “I was born with hypoplastic right heart syndrome, so pretty much only half of my heart worked,” Fisher said. “I was listed at 8 months old for a transplant and received one at 10 months old.”

  • Maria

    Mighty Maria

    Life can be very tough with type 1 diabetes. My 10 year old daughter Maria was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on February 15, 2012 and it changed our lives forever. We have spent a number of nights at Parkview Medical Center's Emergency Room and we continue to receive excellent care.

  • Kaitlyn

    Both ends of the spectrum

    "I can honestly say I believe Parkview is the best place to work and receive care because I have been on both sides. I work as an RN and gave birth at Parkview, but was relieved to have them on my side when complications arose when giving birth."

  • Tina

    Where I was meant to be

    The CEO, Mike Baxter knew my name before I even said I would take the job. How impressive is that? I was told about the hospital being Community owned and all the community activities that they participated in. I’ve never felt so wanted, invited and like I belonged.

Setting Records

"I believe where you live shouldn't dictate if you live", Renee Elwell, Director of Emergency Services. What makes Parkview great is we are always finding ways to improve ourselves to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.

A real game changer

"Personal touches made the difference." Jeff and Dacia Shaw delivered at Parkview Medical Center, but when complications arose after birth, our Special Care Nursery was able to help the family get the care they needed for their newborn close to home.

"Getting placed in Parkview's Special Care Nursery was a game changer for us. They have taken the steps so babies like ours that are sick don't have to go out of town for care."

Bionic baker

“I feel bionic,” she joked as she rolled out the ingredients for a blueberry pie in the kitchen of her Pueblo home.

Prior to 2014, Petricia could do very little to move her arms without pain. Roughly 25 years as a cosmetologist, keeping her arms and hands at just such an angle to cut and style hair, wore a path for arthritis to set into her shoulders.


  • Aaron Elson

    A Lifelong Tie

    It was a split-second decision that changed two lives.

    Seven years ago, Aaron Elson, an analyst with Parkview Medical Center’s information technology department, heard an old high school friend was in need of a kidney.

    “He was a guy who everybody looked up to.” Elson said. “We played sports together. He was smart, got good grades, he was somebody I looked up to.”

    But Elson’s quick decision to get tested as a possible kidney donor didn’t hinge just on schoolyard respect. As a father himself, Elson knew that his friend needed the kidney to be there for his then 3-month-old daughter.

    On dialysis for more than two years, Elson’s friend had 10 percent of his kidney function. His blood type was O.

  • Always here

    We treat our patients like they are our own family members.

    We work on regaining patients' mobility and strength, trying to them home and productive like they were before they had joint problems. Once you leave the hospital, we can continue individualized therapy at your home so you have a safe recovery.

  • Back to back

    Back surgies can be scary and hamper your daily activities.

    With the specialized care, top neuro unit and amazing physicians, you can be back to activities quicker than you think. William had surgery with Dr. Keith Norvill and is open about his healing and experience with Parkview.

    Our Neuro-Trauma ICU is special because of the people and the care they give. Every patient is important and unique which helps patients during their healing time.

  • The goal is to get them home

    There's something unique about every patient that comes into our doors, and we do a great job of listening to that individual.

    There is a continuum of care from when they first enter the hospital to when they leave.

    Our rehab facility help stroke patients get the care and rehabilitation they need to go back to their every day activities. The rehab facility is equipped with tools that help provide patients adequate practice before they go home to ensure they can manage being home.


Parkview is family

Parkview is family for me. I have the opportunity to work with my father and mother in law.

My favorite part of the day is being in the room with the patient. Seeing patients is the best part of my job and I appreciate the time I get to spend with them.


More than just a place to work

Parkview has always been a special and important home for me. I am proud to say that I have been a patient, volunteer, visitor and employee here at our medical center. When I look at my past experiences with Parkview, one particular event stands out the most.

On Aug. 8, 2013, my fiancé, girlfriend at the time, was having high blood pressure, back pain and nausea and was admitted to Parkview after being seen in the Emergency Room. She was also 33 weeks pregnant with our daughter.


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