A sideways glance, a smirk, a little laugh, an occasional wink.

It’s something that most couples do. 

Same with Angelica and Joshua. They finish each other’s sentences, and despite the medical grade surgical masks, they glance at each other with smiling eyes. You can tell that this couple loves each other and their family. What really stands out is their passion for healthcare and their journey to Parkview.

Angelica and Joshua Maestas met in community college 18 years ago. She is from Springfield, Colorado and he hails from Hugoton, Kansas. It was the nursing program at Seward County Community College in Liberal, Kansas that brought them together and put them on a path to medicine.

“I completed the Surgical Tech program and worked as a Surgical Tech for 7 years before going back to complete my nursing degree,” said Joshua. “When Angelica was accepted into the nursing program, I worked nights so she could go to nursing school during the day.”

Both eventually completed the nursing program and began working at a small community hospital in SW Kansas.

But Angelica was looking for a more comprehensive medical center. “We were working at a Level 4 hospital. But for me, I needed a hospital that provided the resources so that we didn’t have to always ‘ship and go’ but that we can ‘stabilize and keep’.”

Joshua was also looking to expand his medical education and training. “It was a small rural area hospital, so for heart, vascular, or neuro surgeries, it was either 3 hours to Wichita, Kansas or 3 hours to Amarillo, Texas. So, Pueblo pretty much had everything I needed for experience to become a full-rounded OR nurse.”

“We were recruited by Parkview. He applied – and during the interview, we got a full tour of the whole facility,” said Angelica. “When we were here, they discovered that I was also a nurse and offered me a position as well.”

“We chose Pueblo – and they chose us,” added Joshua.

The move to Parkview brought the large Maestas family to Pueblo, with 4 children ranging in age from 5 to 14 years old who keep Angelica and Joshua busy organizing daily work and school schedules for six people.

“Initially he was on nights, and I was on days –  we teetered tottered that, so someone was always at home, but now we both work day shifts”

Angelica is currently a nurse in the Parkview Emergency Department, and Joshua works in the Operating Room.

Future goals for Angelica and Joshua involve more medical education. Angelica says she would like to teach – so she plans to go back to school and get her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) with the goal to teach at Pueblo Community College or CSU Pueblo. Joshua would ultimately like to become a manager at some point, but states that he plans to finish his BSN and continue on to complete a Masters degree. He adds that becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) was always his end goal.

Advice for new nurses? Be adaptable.

“Health care is always changing, but we’re nurses that have to adapt to change,” says Angelica.

Joshua completes the sentence, adding “nurses are very flexible, and you have to continue to stay flexible because you never know what you are going to get.”

For more information on nursing careers at Parkview, go to Parkview Careers (parkviewmc.com).