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Bionic baker

After two shoulder surgeries in a little more than two years, Petricia Tatinski feels like a new woman.

“I feel bionic,” she joked as she rolled out the ingredients for a blueberry pie in the kitchen of her Pueblo home.

Prior to 2014, Petricia could do very little to move her arms without pain. Roughly 25 years as a cosmetologist, keeping her arms and hands at just such an angle to cut and style hair, wore a path for arthritis to set into her shoulders.

By October 2014, Petricia said she met with her original orthopedic surgeon who referred her to Dr. Jennifer FitzPatrick of the Parkview Medical Group.

“He said you have no rotator cuff, but FitzPatrick was one of the best shoulder surgeons he knew,” Petricia said.

Following her first surgery, Petricia said the conversations began almost immediately about fixing the second shoulder.

“The last shot I got lasted about two to three weeks,” she said and she couldn’t move her arm without pain.

So in February, Petricia went back for her second shoulder surgery. Both procedures were reverse shoulder replacements and Petricia stayed at Parkview Medical Center Joint Center for a few days.

“I remember there was a male nurse after my second surgery and he was a kick in the pants,” Petricia said. “He came in often and was always asking if I was doing all right. For whatever reason, everybody was just very, very good to me.”

Petricia said she even visited with Parkview President and CEO Michael T. Baxter as he did rounds checking on patients’ experiences.

“I almost fainted when he first walked in and asked me how I was doing and how my care was,” Petricia said. “I just thought ‘I love this hospital because everybody cares so much.’”

Petricia said she was out of the sling in about a month after both surgeries and rehabbed with Parkview’s team for about two months after that.

Now she’s back to tending crusts in her kitchen.

“Any time I’ve ever had any dealings with Parkview Medical Center, they’ve been good,” Petricia said. “I would go nowhere else and see no other doctors.”


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