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Both sides of the spectrum

Told by Kaitlyn

I can honestly say I believe Parkview is the best place to work and receive care because I have been on both sides. I currently work as a RN case manager and previously worked as a nurse on our 2nd medical/surg floor. Not too long ago, I gave birth to my daughter here and what an experience it was! Kaitlyn

There were some complications getting the baby out and once she was finally out I was extremely relieved however, this was only the beginning. I began bleeding and did not stop. My OB/GYN, Dr. Ehama, was working to stop the bleeding but it was apparent that I was continuing to bleed. During this time, I had many Parkview team members in the room working together to stabilize me including nurses, RTs, techs, CNAs, CRNAs, an anesthesiologist, phlebotomists and 2 nursing students.

I had never experienced something like this as a patient but only as a RN. I was aware the situation was serious and began asking what my blood pressure was repeatedly as I could feel myself nearing unconsciousness each time it dropped. My primary nurse was with me every step of the way as a caretaker and advocate while additional nurses assisted and coached me through the experience.

My anesthesiologist and CRNA were crucial to the process and my anesthesiologist ensured that the blood for my transfusion was available with a phone call. The techs and CNAs were incredibly helpful and the nursing students held my legs up when I could not. The RTs monitored my respiratory status and oxygen closely. The phlebotomist was able to draw my blood and did not give up even when I was shaking so much he couldn't get a clear stick. My OB/GYN worked diligently to keep me out of the operating room but ultimately, I did require emergency surgery.

I had no idea what to expect when I woke up. In PACU, the nurses informed me of all that had occurred and answered my questions while monitoring me and managing my pain. Back in the room, my OB/GYN personally made sure my husband had food because he hadn't eaten in nearly 24 hours and she discussed my surgery.

I remember how my night nurse checked me multiple times throughout the night to make sure that my condition did not decline. She was amazing and made me feel at ease. The nursery nurses cared for my baby when I could not as I was so exhausted and weak from the blood loss. I know that without my team, I would not be here today to write this story down or to continue working as a RN with so many wonderful coworkers.

It is an absolute honor to work with such compassionate and dedicated individuals and I thank each and every one of them for living Parkview's mission and vision. So when I am asked, "would you recommend Parkview as a place to work and receive care?," the answer is...ABSOLUTELY!

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