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Early Arrivals

Parkview Medical Center helps Noe family grow healthy and happy

The first time Joidawn and Jace Noe met Dr. Michael Growney, an OB/GYN with Women’s Health Center, was when Joidawn was making her way through the doors of Parkview Medical Center.

Joidawn had always planned to have her baby daughter, Peyton, at Parkview; just not two months before she was due.

“We were in Higbee and it was my first time deer hunting,” Joidawn said. “We had been out all morning and my water broke. I was kind of in shock.”

Joidawn said she and her husband, La Junta residents, called family and then called Parkview, grabbed a change of clothes and then started the hour-long drive into Pueblo.

Dr. Growney was on call and met them as they arrived, Joidawn said.

“He made Jace and I feel really comfortable,” Joidawn said. “He was fun and upbeat, so that made it nice and he answered any questions I had.”

Joidawn would need the comfort. After filling out the necessary paperwork, she was set up in a labor and delivery room and she labored for five days before little Peyton was born.

“I loved the nurses,” Joidawn said. “They were all fun and took really good care of me.”

After Peyton was born, Joidawn said she stayed in the hospital for another two days and then was able to stay with some friends in town while Peyton recovered in the neonatal intensive care unit.Noe Family

“There’s not much you can do while they’re in there, you just love on them,” she said.

Joidawn said her experience with Dr. Growney was so positive that he was her obvious choice for a doctor when she became pregnant about two years later.

“I don’t think we would go anywhere else for our second,” she said.

Because Peyton was born premature, Joidawn said she and her husband went into the second pregnancy assuming Colt would come early as well.

When she began having contractions that July, Joidawn said Dr. Growney said it would probably be best if she was admitted.

“And he was right,” she said.

Soon after, Colt was born.

Joidawn said she and Jace knew what to expect and things went more smoothly and without such a Biblical labor. Joidawn was discharged after two days in the hospital and then made the drive to Pueblo from La Junta every day to be with her new son as he recovered in the NICU.

As of this writing, Peyton is a precocious and active toddler, doing handstands and playing with her cat and Colt is a healthy and hungry baby boy.

“We’re really glad that they’re healthy and really thankful for Parkview,” Joidawn said. “Jace and I just really enjoyed Parkview. Everything from the ER, all the way up to Labor and Delivery, the staff - they were just awesome.”

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