Just What I Was Looking For

This Pueblo doctor is looking forward to getting back to his old activities, thanks to the team at Parkview Orthopedics

Richard missed his old activities.

Especially fishing.

“It’s a combination of Covid and my bad knees, but it’s been forever since I’ve been able to go fly fishing,” explains Dr. Richard Pounds. “I also had to give up martial arts and weightlifting about 10 years ago. I was forced to dial back a lot of the physical activities I’ve enjoyed due to constant knee pain.”

Born and raised in Texas, Dr. Pounds attended the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston studying Psychiatry. He has served as a Medical Director in numerous Health Care facilities across the country and currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer at a local health care facility.

Dr. Pounds had three knee surgeries as a teenager, so he knew that knee replacement surgery was in his future. He enjoyed working out and keeping fit, but as his knees declined, he was forced onto rowing machines and stationary bicycles. And recently, it became difficult to do those.

“I’ve suffered a gradual decrease in activities I could do over the last few years, so I began research into options, and it was clear to me that I wanted the Robotic Assisted Procedure and was looking for a local surgeon,” said Dr. Pounds. “it was perfect timing that Dr. Rothermel joined Parkview when he did. ”

Dr. Shane Rothermel is a Parkview Orthopedic surgeon with specialized training in hip and knee joint replacement and revision joint replacement. Dr. Rothermel guides his patients through non-surgical and surgical options for musculoskeletal conditions affecting the hip or knee. Dr. Rothermel’s education background includes the Penn State University College of Medicine, residency at Penn State Hershey Medical Center and fellowship training at the Rothman Institute South Jersey.

Dr. Pounds comments that he was very happy with Dr. Rothermel’s orthopedic training and background and felt completely at ease with surgeries to replace both knees.

“My first procedure was in March and the second was in June. My left knee already feels better than it has in 20 years,” commented Dr. Pounds. “My right knee is getting close, with still some post-operative healing taking place.”

Dr. Pounds was in a unique situation as a trained medical professional who was now a patient but credits the entire Orthopedic Team at Parkview for their excellence care. “As a physician, the temptation is to second guess the procedures and try and make exceptions for myself in recovery. I initially wanted to have both knee surgeries at the same time, but I let Dr. Rothermel and his team to make the best decisions for me and I trusted their advice.”

Dr. Pounds offers this advice for those in a similar situation.

“Do your research and get recommendations. Find a surgeon and team you are comfortable with. Once you find the right person and develop trust in them. Let them know your plans after surgery.”

“I talked through my post-operative goals with Dr. Rothermel prior to the surgery,” added Dr. Pounds. “I want to get back to my martial arts, hiking, running some short distances. It was remarkable how quickly I moved through the rehabilitation process. I’m really looking forward to getting back to my old activities.”

“I don’t have a single complaint - which is the best compliment I can give.”

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