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MarilynMarilyn's Miracles

Marilyn Blunn is a beneficiary of Parkview Orthopedics’ top surgeons and broad spectrum of care and she wouldn’t go anywhere else

Marilyn Blunn is not one to sit still.

Her 75 years has led her to careers in social services, an assembly line and starting her own janitorial business.

She’s camped, backpacked, skied and played golf.

She’s been in car accidents and motorcycle accidents and in the last year-plus, with the help of the surgeons at Parkview Orthopedics and the nurses and staff at the Joint Center, Parkview Medical Center’s Joint Commission-certified orthopedics floor, she’s felt better than she has in at least the past five.

“I have not got one complaint. Not one,” Marilyn said. “I had the best of care all three times. Those nurses, they’re the best, man, they’re really on the ball and I just love Dr. (Rickland) Likes and Dr. (Mark) Porter to death and their whole staff. They performed miracles on me.”

The first of Marilyn’s three miracles came in the form of a reverse total replacement of her right shoulder, the second in the form of the same procedure to her left.

She traces the potential cause of injuries she suffered to an accident as a young woman.

“When I was about 28, my first husband and I were on a motorcycle outside Rocky Ford when we got hit and I must have flown up 30 feet in the air,” she says with a matter-of-fact grin.

Then, Marilyn’s right shoulder may have been exacerbated by another car accident in the mid-90s.

Marilyn said that over the intervening years she sought treatment and therapy for pain and even had a repair done by a different surgeon in Colorado Springs that “didn’t take.”

“I guess I was too naïve to know that all those old wounds would be coming back to haunt me,” she said.

By fall of 2016, the ghosts of her past injuries had become debilitating specters over her daily life.

She lacked the strength to pick up or carry her great-granddaughter, nor could she do simple tasks like reaching for the bottom of a cabinet without pain.

“I just couldn’t live like that,” Marilyn said. “I’m a high-energy person. It’s just my nature. It’s just my spirit.”

Marilyn knew Dr. Porter from when he had previously treated her for wrist injuries, so she made her way back to his office to get advice.

It turned out that Marilyn needed complete replacement of her shoulders. She benefitted from Dr. Porter’s association with the other top-tier surgeons at Parkview Orthopedics when he recommended that Dr. Likes take care of the procedures.

Marilyn’s right shoulder was replaced in November 2016 and her left shoulder was replaced the following July.

As for the third miracle, her left knee, Marilyn thinks the source of that probably happened three decades ago.

Marilyn“I think I tore it up on the ski slopes,” she said.

Blunn said she went through therapy for that injury shortly after it happened but avoided surgery. Then the pain started to flare up about five years ago. She tried injections for a time, but after a while she reached the same conclusion with her knee as she did with her shoulders.

“I just couldn’t live like that,” she said.

Dr. Porter repaired her knee in December.

For all three procedures, Marilyn said the surgeons and staff at Parkview gave her the best care.

“From the beginning, to the surgery room, everyone, the R.N.s they were all fun-loving, professional and kind,” Marilyn said.

Parkview Medical Center’s professionalism earned Marilyn’s admiration and her loyalty.

Four months after her knee surgery and a little more than a year after her first shoulder surgery, Marilyn can play in the yard with her dog, turn a few spades of dirt in her garden and lift a cooing great-granddaughter over her shoulder.

“I feel better than I’ve felt in 30 years and boy, will I forever feel grateful for everyone involved in this,” she said. “I’m going to have fun.”

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