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Parkview Orthopedics’ Dr. Lucas King repaired MaLeigha Menegatti’s broken ankle and she went on to set a personal record in track.

A scar; a few inches long, just above MaLeigha Menegatti’s right ankle, is the only sign that the young athlete was sidelined for weeks following an injury.

“This was my first big injury,” MaLeigha said. “I’ve had a couple ankle rolls here and there but nothing like this.”

The timing couldn’t have been worse.Maleigha Motion

MaLeigha, at the time, was a high School senior playing volleyball at Pueblo West High School. The team was preparing for a run at the state title. But during a morning practice, a teammate landed awkwardly on MaLeigha’s leg and she knew it was a bad one.

“I felt it grind and I knew it wasn’t a sprain,” she said.

MaLeigha’s mother knew where to go and MaLeigha found herself in the office of Dr. Lucas King, orthopedic surgeon with Parkview Orthopedics.

“He was really uplifting and very kind,” MaLeigha said. “He reassured me that it would be OK.”

MaLeigha had broken her distal fibula, a portion of the fibula leg bone on the outside of her leg, near the ankle.

It required surgery and a recovery time of about two months. Not only did MaLeigha miss the state volleyball tournament, but she had also verbally committed to run track for Boise State University the next fall. News that she would be off her feet for at least a month had her worried about that commitment.

But her coach at Boise State assured her that she still had a place on his team.

Dr. King’s bona fides assured her mother they were in the right place, MaLeigha said.

Dr. King completed a fellowship under renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews at the American Sports Medicine Institute and worked with Andrews on the sidelines of Auburn University football games.

Maleigha Looking DownMaLeigha’s operation took place in October and went smoothly.

She said Dr. King and the staff at Parkview Medical Center put her at ease, as this was the first time she’d ever been in surgery.

She was in a cast for two weeks then a boot for another six before she took her first steps again that January.

Dr. King kept tabs on her young patient throughout her recovery, working on building her confidence back in her repaired ankle.

“I started with walking so Dr. King had me walk two laps and then a couple more days walk a mile then a couple more days had me walk a lap and then jog a lap, walk a lap then jog a lap,” she said. “He made sure I was confident enough so I didn’t favor one side and cause another injury.”

After another two weeks of work, MaLeigha felt confident enough to jog again and by spring she was back on the track.

“My season was good. It was better than I expected it to be my times were not affected,” she said. “I actually set a personal record in the 400 meters.”

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