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Xavier Ada wants to go into health care following his volunteer work at Parkview Medical Center.

Xavier Ada wants to be a surgeon.

Of that, he’s certain. But he’s still open to the types of procedures he’d like to specialize in and the 16-year-old high school junior has some time to figure it out.

For now, Xavier’s interactions with the health care sector come in the form of volunteerism, something he’s been doing since the summer of his freshman year.

“Honestly it did. It helped influence my interest in health care a little bit,” he said.

Xavier is one of more than 100 volunteers at Parkview Medical Center; people who put in nearly 20,000 hours’ worth of work keeping the social machinery of the building in top form.

Volunteers serve in many roles at Parkview, from guiding guests through the sometimes confusing halls of the hospital, to delivering newspapers and flowers to keeping waiting room coffee machines stocked --- details that might otherwise get overlooked in the bustle of the hospital.

Xavier Ada Defining MomentOn a recent Friday, Xavier was working out of the of the hospital’s distribution center.

His tour of the day took him to nurse’s stations on a medical surgical floor, Parkview Medical Center’s fifth floor Joint Center and into the Medical Intensive Care Unit, delivering dietary supplements and other items for patients there.

Xavier said he’s also worked as a volunteer for the patient transportation department, helping collect and carry patient belongings as they’re admitted, transferred to new rooms and discharged.

This year he’s also put in some time answering phones and greeting people at the front desk.

Xavier said he first found out about the volunteer program from his mother, who works for a Parkview Medical Group specialty office. Since then, he’s found his way throughout the hospital and that’s piqued his interested in health care.

“I love the fact that you’re helping a bunch of people,” he said.

Xavier said he hoped to continue volunteering through the end of his high School career.

“My favorite thing is trying to bring a smile to everybody’s faces,” he said. “The hospital isn’t always the happiest of places, so I do what I can to try to brighten their day.”

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