Service with a smile

Sometimes, he’s the first and last Parkview employee that patients see as they enter and exit the hospital.

After 40 years of service, Larry Vigil has become a positive, personal fixture at Parkview. And after a short-lived retirement, he’s back helping patients get transported safely to where they need to go inside the hospital.

“I started in 1982. I was looking for long-term employment and Parkview had a solid reputation,” said Larry. “I started in housekeeping, then moved over to Distribution. I was there for 3 years and then I saw a posting for Transport. I was looking for something different and I’ve been there ever since. I really love it.”

Larry retired from full time status in 2015 but has continued on as a part-time employee for Transport in house.

Over the last 40 years, Larry has seen many changes to the Parkview campus.

“One of the biggest changes I’ve seen was when they knocked down the Thatcher School for the Medical Office Building and parking garage,” stated Larry. “There used to be a gym upstairs with exercise equipment for Parkview Employees - I spent a lot of time there before and after work. Over the years I’ve seen the new parking garage go up, all the new floors added to the main hospital, a new ER, and lots of new staff.”

Sometimes he’s carefully pushing a patient bed, other times a wheelchair. Larry likes to make personal connections with the patients to ease their insecurities or concerns.

“I’ve met a lot of people, taking them in and out of the Hospital and to various treatments on different floors,” said Larry. “A lot of them have come to know my name, and I’ve gotten to know theirs.”

“Patients tell me I treat them good. They appreciate that I let them know when the bumps are coming up and how long the trip will take. I just talk to patients with a smile and stay polite.”

Larry retired (the first time) after 33 years. “I said I don’t want to stay home and just be a ‘couch potato’. I called and asked if there was a part-time position open and I came back,” he added.

Larry said his children are glad that he is back working. “They said I look healthy and they’re glad I’m getting some exercise.”

“Parkview is a good place to work. Hopefully my health stays up and I’ll keep working,” commented Larry. “Sometimes people will ask me ‘when are you going to retire again?’ and I joke and say, ‘when someone has to push me in a wheelchair’.”

“Larry is an exceptional employee, he shows up ready to go, motivated and dedicated to Parkview and our patients,” said David Salazar, Environmental Operations Manager at Parkview. “His knowledge and skills are passed on to all staff members, and he is looked up to by all of his peers.”

Larry has this advice to all new employees; “Always be polite, smile, look people in the eye when you speak, and be honest.”


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