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Abner Fernandez

Abner Fernandez, MD


Family Medicine

Office Phone 719-595-7575

  • Parkview Employed Physician
Patient Rating
4.8 (473 Ratings, 81 Comments)


Dr. Abner Fernandez is a board-certified Family Medicine physician practicing at the Parkview Family Medicine office in Pueblo West. He earned his medical degree from the Universisdad Iberoamericana Medical School in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Thereafter, he completed residency at the Mt. Sinai Family Medicine Residency Program at South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, New York.   

Throughout his education and training, Dr. Fernandez focused on prevention and education for his patients. He applies those same areas of focus to his practice today. He is fluent in both Spanish and English, an ability which he uses to provide care to a greater number of people.

Dr. Fernandez grew up in New York and has known since high school that he wanted to become a physician. Outside of work, he enjoys playing the trumpet and drums, and visiting family in the Dominican Republic.

Provider's Additional Contact Information

Fax: 719-547-8368



4.8 out of 5 (473 Ratings, 81 Comments)
March 30, 2021
None, they are very professional and friendly.
March 30, 2021
Nothing because everything went well.
March 18, 2021
Can't think of anything. I was completely satisfied with my visit.
March 16, 2021
I would not have changed anything
March 12, 2021
They have always treated me very well.
March 11, 2021
Peggy Rick and Dr Fernandez are awesome. Thank you
March 04, 2021
This staff id beyond excellent. I am very grateful for their care. Rick goes beyond the xall of duty. Thank you!
March 04, 2021
The wait time should hae been less.
March 03, 2021
Nothing. Dr Fernandez and his MA Rick are great. Dr F is very empathetic and always listens. Also, his office is always running on time.
March 02, 2021
Excellent staff and patient care
March 02, 2021
Everything went great. I don't have any complaints.
March 02, 2021
Nothing everything was great. Keep up the good work.
February 18, 2021
More tome would be helpful
February 17, 2021
i have no input to improve the office.. i like them very much
February 17, 2021
First visit. Everything was good.
February 17, 2021
I am having problems with my feet and the doctor never asked to see them. I got the impression that the doctor seemed to think the issue will clear up in a day or two it has been 24 hrs with no improvement. I feel like I need a more aggressive treatment to get back to normal.
February 11, 2021
My visit was quick and professional. Dr. Abner Fernandez is the first Doctor that has truly listened to me and I have been searching for that since 2005
February 10, 2021
Stop the multiple x5 appt reminders in four days . I still had two more days till appt so if I would've got two more reminders if I hadn't called the office
February 09, 2021
Everything was fine
February 09, 2021
My husband & I received a physical yesterday. He was given a PCS Hold Order or lab slip for Quest Diagnostics. I didn't receive one of these papers. Usually we do lab tests together once or twice a year. I called once to ask if I was supposed to have gotten one of these orders also but was told I would just go to Quest & be able to do the lab test. I am going to call again to ask about this process to make sure.
January 29, 2021
He took the time, he explained things to me. He's read my chart and knows what's going on. I appreciate everything he's doing for me. Really good doctor.
January 26, 2021
Everything was fine
January 21, 2021
It took me 5 years to find a physician that would listen and answer questions. I can think of nothing.
January 15, 2021
Turnover of physicians has been the biggest problem with PMG family medicine Pueblo West. We need to do all we can to keep Dr. Fernandez. His bedside manner is outstanding and his knowledge is excellent and patient centric. My wife and I have been patients there for over 20 years and turnover by far has been our biggest concern.
December 15, 2020
I think the over all visit was very helpful I think I got got the information I needed to improve my blood sugar Levels.
December 09, 2020
Be more prompt.
November 25, 2020
Very professional telephone consultation
November 24, 2020
I had a nice introduction to Dr Fernandez. He did a nice job getting to know about me.
November 13, 2020
I really cannot think of anything it was pretty quick and easy to get checked in and then to see the doctor
November 04, 2020
October 13, 2020
I can not think of a thing more Dr. Fernandez could have done.
September 29, 2020
The doctor seemed in a hurry, which may have been the case. He answered all my questions, etc. but he was rushed.
September 23, 2020
I thought all was good.
September 22, 2020
I wish Dr. Fernandez wouldn't rush through our appointments so quickly. I always feel like I am in a hurry.
September 11, 2020
I wish you wouldn't call me at 7:45 at night on a weekday.
September 03, 2020
Very pleased as my husband has dementia and all staff was very thoughtful and caring
September 02, 2020
Waiting for referral to skin specialist
August 28, 2020
Everything is great
August 27, 2020
Nothing. It was great.
August 27, 2020
Nothing, staff is awesome
August 19, 2020
Everything from check in to visit went smooth. Loved Dr Fernandez. Rick was great and so was Peggy at front desk. Hane been goingbtgerevfor years this is the best staff
August 18, 2020
Nothing every thing went fine very friendly staff taking all precautions for covid felt very safe.
August 14, 2020
Call backs on reports are important to patients. Needs to be done in a timely fashion.
August 12, 2020
This visit was okay. What concerns me is that I've been using this facility for 5 years now since moving to Pueblo West, and Dr. Fernandez is my fourth PCP in 5 years. I much prefer having the same PCP for the long term.
August 06, 2020
All the staff were very good at their jobs, I was very satisfied!!
August 05, 2020
Nothing. Abner was fantastic and Peggy is also one of the best FOA's you have.
July 29, 2020
Nothing. Well done.
July 21, 2020
Cannot think of a thing
July 17, 2020
Was very satisfied
July 17, 2020
Can't think of anything.
July 15, 2020
I had a few question & the doctor set up a blood test. I was very pleased with my appointment.
July 15, 2020
Have a more inviting and comforting lobby area.
July 15, 2020
The staff the physician's assistant and Dr. Fernandez, very courteous, very up on top of what's going on. And at all is a very, very pleasant experience.
July 14, 2020
Abner Fernandez was a good doctor. It was a nice visit. However, his medical assistant that brought us into the room, was rather cold and had a bad bed side manner. He also had terrible telephone skills, and I would, that would be the lowest score that would give Abner Fernandez a bad score. He as a doctor is good. His medical assistant was not.
July 14, 2020
I had a pleasant experience.
July 14, 2020
I think the appointment reminder call needs to be better I could barely understand the message
July 07, 2020
I would like the office to make the appointments for x ray and lab work
July 07, 2020
I have nothing to add.
July 02, 2020
Upon my arrival my temperature was taken and I was given a piece of paper with the results written on it. I was surprised that had not happened before at other facilities I had visited. So I discarded the piece of paper into the wastebasket. Low and behold, when the nurse came out to get me for my doctor's visit, he asked for that piece of paper. I went to retrieve it from the trash; hopefully it was mine. A remark to hang on to that piece of paper for the nurse would have been helpful. Otherwise, I can only say positive things about Parkview and it's staff. We are so lucky to have Dr. Abner Fernandez here in Pueblo West.
July 01, 2020
Dr. Fernandez was "a breath of fresh air" from what I had experienced with Dr. Boone. He was friendly, willing to listen and make suggestions as to some changes in medication, and over all concerned with my situation.
June 30, 2020
Nothing that I can think of except get rid of the Coronavirus.
June 26, 2020
Explain what a yearly physical includes as the one I was given was not worth my time nor the expense.
June 26, 2020
I think you guys are doing great. Your COVID procedures are organized and consistent which I really appreciate.
June 25, 2020
None, pleased with Dr. Fernandez Professional expertise. Thanks
June 24, 2020
Abner Fernandez was a wonderful doctor, and I really liked the way he did everything. Everything is fine. I think he's a wonderful doctor. I still haven't heard anything back about some tests. That's the only thing and that's part of the Parkview system and not a reflection on Abner Fernandez, so that's all I had. Thank you much. Bye.
June 17, 2020
He is totally empathetic and I love him and charismatic. He's very good with his patients, to me he was and I commend him.
June 16, 2020
Nothing to do better. Well, except have coffee and donuts for early morning visits. (Kidding.)
June 11, 2020
Great experience
June 10, 2020
Nothing . I think I am going to enjoy having Dr. Fernandez as a provider . He was personable , knowledgeable and respectful
June 04, 2020
I have no complaints or issues, so no improvements needed. Thank you
June 02, 2020
I don't have any complaints, all very courteous and professional
June 02, 2020
Can't think of a thing
May 27, 2020
very good
May 20, 2020
We were just getting acquainted - first visit - sorta hard to evaluate.
May 14, 2020
Everyone went beyond the normal to help me. They were all patient, listened carefully, and used all available resources to meet my needs. There is nothing more they could have done.
May 13, 2020
All good
May 08, 2020
May 06, 2020
I can think of nothing
May 05, 2020
I don't believe there was anything that could have been done better for my care that day The staff and the doctor were awesome
April 28, 2020
Provide blood draws at the doctor's office and also urine samples If you need them collect them at the doctor's office would really, really simplify visits.
April 14, 2020
everything went well
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Education and Training


Universidad Iberoamericana Medical School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Medical Doctor


Mt. Sinai Family Medicine Residency Program at South Nassau Community Hospital, Oceanside, New York, Family Medicine Residency Program

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