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Lirio S. Polintan

Lirio S. Polintan, MD



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Patient Rating
4.7 (300 Ratings, 38 Comments)


Dr. Lirio S. Polintan has been practicing in Pueblo since 1981. Dr. Polintan is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians; American College of Gastroenterology, and American Gastroenterological Association. He is also a member of the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Dr. Polintan is experienced in diagnostic EGDs, colonoscopies, and therapeutic endoscopic procedures including ERCP, papillotomy, stent insertion, PEG-PEJ insertion, esophageal motility studies, and studies of liver disease.

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4.7 out of 5 (300 Ratings, 38 Comments)
September 07, 2021
Dr Polintan is a great doctor with alot of compassion and knowledge
August 31, 2021
Can't think of anything else. Provider & staff were professional, knowledgeable, and attentive. Office & patient areas were clean & presentable. Very pleased.
August 26, 2021
The attendant that went over my medical history was hard to understand. She had trouble pronouncing the names of the prescription medication that I'm taking.
July 15, 2021
When the appointment is at 10 o'clock, make it at 10:00. Not to be seen at 11.
July 06, 2021
Could have cleared procedure with insurance prior to visit
July 01, 2021
I don't know if you could have.
June 15, 2021
everyone was very polite and helpful.
June 15, 2021
Anything that can propell improvement, other than that everything is good ??
June 15, 2021
Call to let me know I needed to make an appointment, instead of just not renewing my prescription.
May 13, 2021
Shorter wait time in the exam room
April 22, 2021
everything was good
April 13, 2021
It was all just fine.
April 06, 2021
Research past colonoscopy results to support present medical needs.
April 06, 2021
Already had a coverage on they told me I have to have called retest makes no sense at all. And by time I get up to the time when I'm going to be having my procedure done. I'm going to already people immunized it makes no sense.
April 06, 2021
Nothing. Wonderful experience as usual!
April 06, 2021
He was rude and disrespectful.
March 25, 2021
I was satisfied with the visit.
March 25, 2021
They did great !!
March 23, 2021
Yes, we were I was given gave blood and went to that. We went to the lab across the way and I was told that I would get the results either Thursday or Friday or Saturday. And this is Monday and I still haven't gotten any results from my lab test. I'm eager to find out what the results were and that's why I didn't rate everything very good. Thank you.
March 04, 2021
It went very well, received exam and treatment plan
February 09, 2021
Everything went well. Very friendly staff.
February 02, 2021
Thank you, my visit was wonderful and professional.
January 21, 2021
Thank you Dr. Polintan and staff. .
January 21, 2021
Nothing all were professional and friendly.
January 12, 2021
I feel nothing could be done to improve on the service
January 06, 2021
My experience was very good.
January 06, 2021
Everything was perfect the way it is
January 05, 2021
Dr. Polintan was very interested in what I had to say answered my questions. However, there was supposed to be a follow up a someone in his office to set up. A colonoscopy appointment to have the procedure done and I have received no follow up. Other than that everything went well.
December 29, 2020
In a 1 and to taking out the language that you can better understand, you know, we had issues understanding it or what was being said in all because of the language barrier to and all the other was not really wanting to listen very clearly in order what we were saying and now and trying to explain to him not really wanting to you know, listen very clearly and a lot of it now just was not to know really happy with you know what we were getting from him.
December 08, 2020
Happy with visit
December 01, 2020
Nothing every thing was great
November 19, 2020
Office visit was great. I can't comment on the surgery since it hasn't taken place yet. It was scheduled within in 1 week of office visit. Nice.
November 19, 2020
From my perspective, all was great.
November 17, 2020
I love Dr. Polintan his staff is great, but I felt a little flustered because I was felt rushed a little bit and I know he wasn't rushing me, but that's how I felt.
November 03, 2020
Taken a little more time to listen to me.
October 01, 2020
visit was good
September 29, 2020
All was great
September 24, 2020
He was very caring and make me feel so comfortable!
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