Physician Tools

Electronic Rounding for Physicians

Integration of data from Parkview Medical Center information systems. Securely delivers patient information - such as demographics, laboratory results, medication lists, radiology results, pathology reports, consults, and other transcribed reports - directly to clinicians' mobile devices.

Information is transferred in real time, outbound and inbound, between the Parkview Medical Center information system and clinicians' mobile devices. Network connectivity platforms, including cellular, Internet, 802.11x, and infrared synchronization are supported. The electronic rounding tool operates on Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS (Apple) devices.

Report Delivery / Clinical Results Reporting

Parkview offers two options for accessing and retrieving patient information, including clinical results:

1. Online Access - A simple username and password allows access to your patient information/results for immediate review. Available throughout the hospital, Online Access is also available for installation in the office or home.

2. Report Delivery - Choose one of the options below. Delivery options can be different for each physician within one practice.

  • Print-delivered daily to office by mail or courier
  • Fax- direct fax to the office
  • Internet options include (NetDelivery):
    • Auto-print reports in the office on demand by a simple click 
    • Internet 'in-box' (Web Publish) allows you to review and/or download reports

Both of these systems are HIPAA compliant and available to you at no cost (although Internet access remains an office expense).

Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS)

Parkview Medical Center uses PACS to provide physicians with state of the art image and report distribution via the internet. The Parkview PACS enables a standard PC to perform as a workstation for viewing images, and reviewing available reports.


  • Images are available immediately after completion in the department.
  • No delays in the patient returning to your office
  • Recent images and past images are available to be compared

By having the ability to view images from your home, unnecessary trips to the hospital can be avoided.

Terry Hall RT CT

PACS System Administrator
Office: 719.584.4926
Pager: 719.222.3615