The Internal Medicine Residency at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado began in 2012. The vision of the Parkview Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency is to become the best Internal Medicine program in the Western United States through excellent patient care, continuous quality improvement initiatives and outstanding graduate medical education in internal medicine.

Program Distinctives

  1. A 12-block schedule of calendar month rotations well-balanced in inpatient and outpatient experiences
  2. Rotations dedicated to learning and performing procedures including airway management, LP, Paracentesis and Point of Care Ultrasound.  Additional procedures are encountered during the ICU blocks
  3. A comprehensive curriculum which focuses on core didactic topics and clinical competency challenge recognition for quantifying specific inpatient and outpatient skill sets
  4. Scholarly activity opportunities in Quality Improvement and Clinical Research leading to local, regional and national presentations and peer reviewed publications
  5. An outpatient clinic modeled on real world patient care, ownership of personal patients and introduction to coding, billing and documentation details
  6. Individualizable program emphases in Outpatient, Hospital and Advanced Internal Medicine
  7. Personalized mentorships with Generalist and Specialist faculty