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Parkview School of MLS: Alumni Resources

ASCP Certification Maintenance Program

Students granted ASCP MLS certification after January 1, 2004 are required to complete the ASCP Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) every three years. Be sure to keep up with your continuing education!

Keep in Touch

Parkview alumni - we want to hear how you’re doing! Let us know where you’re working, your area of specialty, and anything else you’d like to share with the teaching staff. Feel free to send pictures! You can also use this link to order transcripts. Please be sure to include the name and address of the institution where you would like the transcripts to be sent.

Class Photographs:

  • Class of 2019

    Class of 2019

    From left to right: Jared Sanchez, Jessica Kenick, April Ilacqua, Martin Flores

  • Class of 2018

    Class of 2018

    From left to right: Evelyn Nunez, Jamie Pack, Stephanie Carrillo-Martinez, Briana Gomez

  • Class of 2017

    Class of 2017

    From left to right: Jon-Michael Krasovic, Melissa Deltondo, Nina Salazar, Holly Harward

  • Class of 2015

    Class of 2015

    From left to right: Michael Enriquez, Alisha Linenberger, Danielle Wells

  • Class of 2014

    Class of 2014

    From left to right: Twyla Urban, Lauren Giltner, Jennifer Price, and Nick Jimenez

  • Class of 2013

    From left to right: Cassidy Jones, Zach Miller, and Stephanie Masterson

  • Class of 2012

    From left to right: Melissa Wiler, Kelsi Kovacich, Cambren Dowen, Jessie McNeil, and Andrew Abdella

  • Class of 2011

    From left to right: Tammy Martinez, Heather Nolan, Kasey Torterelli, Aaron Nuttall

  • Class of 2010

    From left to right: Ashlee Wallin, Josh Shaink, Jennifer Smith, Julia Allen

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