Parkview School of MLS: Average ASCP Board of Certification Scores

Each year, the MSL program graduates are encouraged to take the ASCP Board of Certification examination. 

The average score for the Parkview School of Medical Laboratory Science students is shown in blue below.  The average ASCP score for students in a hospital-based MLS program is shown in red.  The average ASCP score for students in all MLS programs (both hospital-based and university-based programs) is shown in green.

BOC Scores

Graduation Year # of Graduates #to Pass Exam Pass Rate
2020 4 4 100%
2021 4 4 100%
2022 2 2 100%


For more information about the Parkview School of MLS, contact Hallee Waye, MLS Program Director, by phone at 719.585.2528 or click the button below for email.