Parkview School of MLS: Microbiology

Students said on their evaluations of this department:

"I enjoyed working in the microbiology department.  All of the employees were friendly and willing to answer questions."

In the microbiology department, the MLS primarily:

  • orders and sets up cultures from specimens
  • performs rapid testing on specimens
  • performs and interprets gram stains and other types of stains
  • interprets the results of cultures for bacteria and fungi
  • sets up and interprets additional testing to aid in the I.D. of organisms
  • performs antibiotic sensitivity testing
  • performs testing for parasites
  • utilizes molecular testing to aid in the I.D. of microorganisms
  • performs and interprets quality control testing to ensure accurate results

Course Description

This department covers the theory and practical experience in the isolation and identification of clinically important bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Procedures covered will include: manual and automated methods, culturing techniques, identification by microscopic examination, biochemical and serological tests, fluorescent tests, antibiotic sensitivity testing, quality control, computer applications, viruses and direct antigen testing for viruses, molecular testing, infection control, and safety. Quality assurance/quality improvement as applied to pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical components of laboratory services are also covered. All of the above topics are accomplished through lectures, laboratory experiences, and reading assignments.

9 semester hours

A Sheep Blood Agar Plate growing Staphylococcus aureus

Learn how to test for various pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and parasites to aid in patient diagnosis and treatment