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Parkview School of MLS: Urinalysis and Body Fluids

Students said on their evaluations of this department:

"Leslie was very patient and good at sharing her knowledge about the instruments. It's surprising all there is to learn from a simple urine sample."

In the Urinalysis Department, the MLS primarily:

  • performs automated chemistry testing on urine specimens
  • performs automated and manual microscopic analysis of urine to describe the particulate matter present in the specimen
  • interprets the results of testing and performs manual confirmatory testing as needed to aid in the accurate reporting of results
  • refers results that suggest urinary tract infection to microbiology for culture
  • performs cell counts and other testing on body fluids like cerebrospinal fluid
  • maintains the instrumentation and troubleshoots when the instrument is not working properly
  • performs miscellaneous testing for diseases like HIV and congestive heart failure

Course Description

Lecture, reading, and laboratory rotation will cover the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of the renal system.  The theory, operation, quality control, and maintenance of the IRIS, osmometer, and DiaSTAT are covered.  The microscopic examination of urine and other body fluids, principles of tests, sources of error, and correlation of test results to normal and abnormal physiological conditions are included.  Laboratory safety, quality assurance, HIPAA, and computer applications are also included.

3 semester hours

  • MLS Lori Mutz reviews patient results from the Iris automated urine analyzer

    Learn how to perform accurate testing on urine samples via automated instrumentation, manual tests, and microscopic analysis

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