Parkview School of MLS: School Policies

The School Policies contain a brief description of the program, a list of the faculty, a directory of important phone numbers, and the following policies:

  • student hours
  • parking
  • breaks
  • punctuality
  • vacation, sick leave, & absences
  • expenses
  • laboratory dress guidelines
  • acceptable conduct
  • safety
  • injuries
  • phlebotomy
  • prison inmates
  • invasive procedures
  • smoking
  • cell phones
  • confidential information
  • computer confidentiality
  • student service work policy
  • methods of evaluation
  • probation & dismissal from the program
  • disciplinary procedure for probation
  • academic & non-academic grievance procedures
  • student withdrawal policy
  • advanced placement
  • policy when applied experience cannot be guaranteed
  • policy for employment of the MLS intern
  • entry level competencies
  • graduation and certification
  • retention of records/transcripts
  • policy for program evaluation

Download a PDF of the current policies


For more information about the Parkview School of MLS, contact Hallee Waye, Laboratory Educational Coordinator, by phone at 719.585.2528 or click the button below for email.