Parkview School of MLS: Program Tuition and Expenses

In general, Parkview tries to minimize expenses for the student during the clinical year to keep the program affordable.  Click on the information below to read about tuition and expenses for the program:


The tuition amount is $8000. Applicants may seek tuition forgiveness (see program director for more information).  


Students are required to purchase textbooks.  The price of textbooks is usually between $600 and $800.  There is no refund on books if a student is dismissed or withdraws from the program.

ASCP Board of Certification Exam Fee

The ASCP Board of Certification exam fee is paid for by the student. The current fee is $240, but exam fees are determined by the ASCP and may change.


Students are required to have a BLS course in CPR for healthcare providers for the entirety of their clinical year.  Parkview Health System will only accept courses that are AHA BLS Provider or ASHI. Students are responsible for the cost of the course.

Housing and Transportation

Housing and transportation to the hospital and various other supplemental learning activities must be provided by the student.


Meals are not provided for students, but students can purchase meals in the cafeteria at employee prices.

Health Insurance

Students are required to have health insurance during the entire program.

Uniforms and Lab coats

Uniforms must be provided by the student.  The uniform consists of scrub top and pants and appropriate shoes.  The School of Medical Laboratory Science follows Parkview's color by discipline uniform policy.  For more information, see the school's policies. Lab coats are provided and laundered by the hospital. Safety goggle and gloves ae provided by the hospital.

Centralized Clinical Recordkeeping

Students are required to register for Trajecsys, a digital record keeping system. The current cost is $100. The student is responsible for the cost of this system.

Attention to Detail

Student Cassidy Jones double checks a specimen label in the Urinalysis department. Attention to detail helps ensure the accuracy of lab results.


For more information about the Parkview School of MLS, contact Hallee Waye, MLS Program Director, by phone at 719.585.2528 or click the button below for email.