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In general, Parkview tries to minimize expenses for the student during the program to keep the program affordable. There is no tuition charged for the program. Students are required to purchase the textbook, background check, drug screen and CPR class, if needed.

Have Any Questions?

Please contact Hallee Waye, MLS program director, at
719.585.2528 or email.

There is no refund on books if a student drops out of the program. Housing and transportation to the hospital and various other supplemental learning activities must be provided by the student. Meals are not provided for students, but students can purchase meals in the cafeteria at employee prices. Students are required to have health insurance during the program. Uniforms must be provided by the student.

UNIFORM: The uniform consists of matching khaki scrub top and pants. Shoes should be tennis shoes or nursing shoes. They must be clean and in good repair. Sandals and clogs are not permitted.

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