Cost Estimate Line

For a cost estimate for services you may receive from Parkview Medical Center, please call our message line at 719.584.4948. A representative will contact you within 24 business hours of your message.

In order to provide the most accurate estimate as possible, please give us as much information about the service or procedure you are considering. It is most helpful if your doctor or provider’s office can provide the actual CPT code(s) for the service.

The estimate you receive is based on the information provided to us. It is only an estimate as actual services rendered are dependent on what the provider encounters at the time of the procedure. If the provider determines additional, fewer, or different procedures are necessary, the cost may be impacted.

This estimate will cover the cost for the hospital services only. Services from other providers such as physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, or pathologist are billed separately and are not included in our estimate.

If you have specific questions regarding billing or insurance, please call 719.584.4045 for assistance.