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The Patient Family Advocacy Council is seeking volunteer community members.

Mission Statement

To utilize community members who either have been patients or had family members as patients at Parkview. This group shall:

  • Provide leadership for community-based patient programs through the medical center.
  • Collaborate with other communities and advocacy groups with mutual goals.
  • Pave the way to teach patients how to actively engage, partner and participate in their own health care, and act as liaisons for patients with hospital staff when needed.


Volunteers must have been a patient at Parkview Medical Center or have had a family member who has been a patient at Parkview within the last 3 years.

Rules & Responsibilities

  • Maintain confidentiality regarding any discussion about Parkview.
  • Participation in monthly meetings.
  • Engagement with medical center staff.
  • Willingness to learn more about how the medical center works through visits and shadowing.
  • Creating committees, both temporary and permanent, as the advocacy council grows.
  • Attend conferences and webinars.
  • Collaboration with other advocacy councils, both in state and nationally, to offer staff suggestions and innovative ideas.

Meeting Information

Meetings are at Parkview. They are held monthly on second Wednesday from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Becoming a Advocacy Council Member

If you are interested in joining the council, please apply.

PFAC - Parkview Year in Review 2016-17

ApplyDo you have a suggestion to improve patient experiences? Let the council know your ideas and fill out the form:


Parkview Patient / Family Advisory / Advocacy Council volunteers continue to identify opportunities to enhance the Parkview experience by evaluating current operations and giving personal insight into the patient and family experience.

Safety Goal:

Identify and suggest improvements to improve the safety of the environment and care for patients, visitors and staff.

  • Reviewed crosswalks and pedestrian danger around the perimeter of the hospital. Planning and construction for approved changes for the 17th St. through-way to begin in 2018. Additional considerations identified for areas around the main campus.
  • Reviewed safety concerns related to illicit drugs and supported use of methods to mitigate illicit drug use on the campus including suggestions/support for use of drugs on campus and zero tolerance signage.
  • Participated as "secret shopper" for hand hygiene surveillance data.
  • Reviewed and made suggestions for therapy dog program expansion.
  • Patient / Family Advisors participated on the following hospital quality / safety committees:
    • Fall Team
    • Pain Team
    • Infection Core Team
    • Quality Committee of the Board
  • Patient / Family Advisors participated in Bedside Shift report and Nurse Manager rounding.
  • Patient / Family Advisors served a role in review of the Caring for You Guide, Parkview Community Needs Assessment and distribution of CDC posters for appropriate antibiotic use in the outpatient settings / offices.
Perceptions of Care / Comfort Goal:

Identify and suggest improvements in the perception of care and comfort.

  • PFAC involvement in grievance and complaint data review to assist in mitigating concerns voiced.
  • Reviewed suggestions for the food options at the off-campus locations for patients and staff.
    • Pueblo West ED - Evaluate the dietary options; replace the refrigerator to a commercial size for more food storage options for patients and staff.
    • ParkWest Campus - Food carts not an option at either facility; use of catering services through independent food vendors.
  • Reviewed and provided support for recognition through the veteran last salute program.
  • MOB - evaluated and made suggestions for bench / seating to be moved to the front of the building.
  • Reviewed the aesthetics for family / visitor waiting rooms for improvements such as artwork. paint, furnishings, etc.
    • NTICU waiting room: Better visuals / art update and refurbished furniture and paint.
    • 1 South & 2 South: Better visuals and art update.
Wayfinding Goal:

Improve the campus maps and signage to better assist patients, families and visitors to their destinations

  • Suggestions made and created for better directions / map for patients and families trying to locate outpatient areas in the facility from the main information desk / sky bridge Endoscopy 2nd floor admissions.
  • Suggested "Parkview Wayfinder App" for smart phones which resulted in IT utilizing connections with the Colorado State University - Pueblo created student project that is currently available for iPhones.
Communication Goal: 

Improve communication related to areas of interest for volunteers, staff, patients and their families. 

  • Enhanced recruitment efforts for additional members of the council. Marketing cards created and placed throughout the hospital and physician offices, physician lounges - website and internet information on council - attendance at nursing certification dinner. 
  • Video for recruitment made for employee appreciation dinner and internet and researched putting on the on the billboard monitors located throughout the hospital. 
  • Participation on CHA - statewide group teleconferences / meetinfs on PFAC activities.
  • Applied for and received scholarship funds for two members to attend at the National Conference of Patient Advisory Councils in California. 
  • Hosted and participated with Walsenburg PFAC group to collaborate on activities and improvements. 
  • Reviewed suggestions for outpatient orthopedic packet discharge instructions. 
  • Reviewed suggestions for language interpreter services. 
  • A Patient / Family Advisor represented Parkview Medical Center at legislative days in Washington DC on July 12-13, 2017 in support of the 340B Drug Discount Program as a hospital serving disproportionate share of patients on Medicaid / Medicare, sharing her story with Senators and House Representatives' staff from all Colorado districts. 

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