Kidsville Donor Tree

Exclusive opportunity for current and past Parkview Board Members

In 1995, the Parkview Foundation spearheaded a large fundraising campaign to open a one-of-a-kind pediatric unit.  Thanks to the dedication and leadership of an amazing board of directors, Kidsville® Pediatric Unit opened in 1996 offering exceptional pediatric care in our community. Kidsville has flourished over the past 18 years to become the premier pediatric facility in Southern Colorado.  The number of admissions has tripled since its opening.

As a way of paying tribute to the diligent board members who were part of the original Kidsville committee, as well as all other Parkview Board Members who sacrifice their time to ensure access to extraordinary healthcare in our community, a board member donor tree dubbed the “Tree of Life” was unveiled at the entrance to Kidsville in 2006. Past and present board member have the opportunity to purchase a leaf on the “Tree of Life” to commemorate your time on a Parkview Medical Center Board. All proceeds from the “Tree of Life” benefit Kidsville Pediatric Unit.

For a $1,000 donation, payable over five years, a beautiful metal etched leaf will be placed on the tree, within 30 days of purchase, to symbolize the contributions you made to improving Parkview Medical Center.

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